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Been pondering how to use my 100th post. Ya know, the first one that provides a reasonable title. So…I guess I’ll soon be a Wrench Turner. While that sorta fits, if y’all knew me, Wench Tuner might be better. Seems I spend way more time fixin’ up all the females in my life, than I do the Stang. Even my dog ain’t a boy.

Back to the pondering. I wanted to ask a really good question, instead of one of them free post deals. So you see, I kinda been sittin’ on this for a few days. Well problem is, when I’ve got a question I do a “Search”, there’s my answer. Dang. Another answer.

So I decided to use my post to point this out, one more time. The search is really cool.

I also tried the Chat, last night. Kinda inspired by the Plummer55 bad news. I got the impression that he showed up there from all the responses. The VMF Chat was cool, too. But boy can those dudes type fast or what? Think I’ll go back, kinda hang low, and when feelin’ froggy I’ll jump.

Just to make this post semi-legit, here was my last question; Does anyone know where a comprehensive list of Authorized/Dealer installed options can be found for a ’66. I wanna do a restomod, with a flair. Using only these type of options, custom paint color, and new wheels and tires. As you can see, the search did point some things out, but not reeeeeally comprehensive.

Appreciative of everything, the cold ones are on me, and now I can get back to askin’ the dumb ones, again.

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wench tuner
good one! i live in a house full of women also, you learn when it`s time to head out to the garage!

P.S. congrats on the 100th
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