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Common Courtesy, not o/t

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I noticed in parts for sale section, a member here kind of flamed
a newbie for posting in the wrong section. Everybody makes mistakes.
How about taking a "chill pill".
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I saw that post too! Three times, same reply. I thought it was kinda harsh, also. I wandered when someone would say something.
I agree 100% on that sentiment.

If we should see a post that we feel is in error, or that asks questions for which the answer can be found via a search we should take a step back, take a deep breath and BE POLITE in our responses.

It takes no thought to flame someone. It also makes us look thoughtless.

This is supposed to be a family, so some bickering is to be expected. We just need to keep it to a minimum.
Yep. Gotta cut the "newbies" some slack.
Heaven help 'em when they become "addicts" though!!!!
Here here Guy's. We were all newbies once. Open wide the arms of the VMF family for a big family Hug.--------
Ahhhhh don't that feel better! /forums/images/icons/smile.gif
Oooh, oooh... Group HUG!!!
I have not been to the new for sale forum for a long time. But it can't be as bad as the old one was. Boy there was some flaming going on then. It got to be like kindergarden.
I make plenty of mistakes everyday, and always appreciate a little gentle correction. There is no need to crush someone unless they keep making the same mistake over and over, and don't try to correct it.

I'm with Paul and Michele - things have gotten a lot better since the days of the old "sale" forum. There was some really nasty stuff being said. We're all better off when we at least try to get along.

Heck, if we Mustangers can't work it out, what hope is there for the Middle East?
OOpps, sorry! /forums/images/icons/smile.gif
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