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I sold a pair of headlight doors on eBay last week, well the guy obviously didn't like what he got for $10 per door so he claimed I sold him parts that weren't OEM. He sent me some pictures comparing what I sold him with some doors he bought from Mustang Steve. I think Mustang Steve sells nothing but pristine parts and you pay for those parts. I bought stuff from him when I was doing my car. My experience with him was excellent.

Ok, first picture is the back of the part I sold him as an OEM headlight door. The second is the door he got from Mustang Steve, the third picture is the head headlight door I took from my wife's 65 convertible. The fourth picture is the back of the head light door he got from MS. The fifth picture is the back of the head light door from my wife's car which is identical to the one I sold him. Notice the casting tabs on the back of the gold one, which are absent from the red door.

I don't know. I think because Ford used several plants to make their parts it's just two coincidental that the first picture and the last picture have similar casting numbers and come from two different cars, a 66 and a 65 respectively to not being original parts.


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