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the rear end is the same width as a '67 Mustang I believe and the rear springs came off of a '65. Everything is located in Far. North Dallas near Plano/Richardson. Pictures will be e-mailed upon request.

The rear end needs to be completely rebuilt. I have no idea the condition the gears are in, but I would image they are pretty banged up based the hard clunk that happened every time I put it in gear or gave it some hard gas. Pretty sure there is too much backlash. It does have backing plates, but the brake hardware is covered in grime from leaking wheel cylinders. There is still some material on the shoes and you are welcome to all of it. What you don't take I will toss. I think I would consider this for all tense and purposes the housing, carrier, axles, backing plate and drums.

The springs, well, I don't know if they can be reused. They have some large shackles, and I bought it like that so I have no idea why. One spring did have a bolt that is seized in the front of the spring. I had to cut each side of it off. I don't know if it can be removed or not. There is at least one good spring and a set of adjustable shackles.

I would love to trade this for a 289/302 block, block & heads, engine..whatever. I am hoping someone with some engine junk in their way will be willing to trade it for the junk that is now sitting in my way.

If you are interested, e-mail me at [email protected]. I am not ready to give it away just yet, but if you are interested in a free-be, let me know and I will put you on the list if I can't drum up a trade or a local sale in the next week or so.
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