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Complete Rear Body Panel replacement???

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I need to replace my quarter panels, trunk floors and rear panel. I have a little welding experence and a lot of the necessary tools. Should I tackle this myself or is this a job for the body shop? What should I look out for if I decide to do this? Thanks - Chris
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I attempted this on my brothers 65 GT, once I had all the sheet metal cut out and started to align the new sheet metal, I realized that I bit off more than I can chew. Being that we wanted a nice restoration, I felt that I would not be able to get a clean installation on the qtr panel. I think the tail panel and the trunk floor would be easy enough, but the qtr panel is a big piece, and if not done right, it would defenitely show. We ended up taking the car to the body shop to have it professionally installed.

Hope this helps,
I'm about to attempt this on one of my 'verts. Basically, I have an entire quarter panel, both trunk floors, a quarter patch panel on the other side, and possibly the taillight panel. I'm going to practice on the floor pans and trunk floors, then apply the learned knowledge to the quarter panel patch. If it goes well, then I will try the entire quarter panel. Is there an order in which you can build your knowledge as you go?

I've talked with body shop guys about quarter panels, and they all seem to say it's not hard, just takes a lot of time and patience to get it all lined up. Especially with the repop stuff. From what I've seen, they estimate 8-16 hrs of labor for an entire panel, and they know what they are doing. HTH.
I guess I'll be going to the body shop soon!
check out this site first before you run off to the body shop.
That is a great site, and excellent thinking on your part coming up with a new method. Your way seems much easier and quicker, with better final results. Thanks for sharing.
Wish I could take credit for that. That is not my site. It is just one I found while trying to decide weather or not I could replace my own 1/4 panel. I plan to give it a shot. I am not a great welder yet, But I was able to install my own Floorboards and they came out great. So as long as I take my time I think I can handle the 1/4. Good luck to ya.
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