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I just pulled the bone stock and very complete and correct 289 and C4 out of my '68. It is complete from chrome breather to oil pan, water pump pulley to tailshaft seal.

It is an A/C car and includes the A/C bracket. It also has the hard to find "hot idle compensator" in the PCV hose. I'm including the stock, rebuilt alternator, too. Pertronix conversion. Steel modulator line, neutral/reverse switch, even upper and lower radiator hoses and belts.

Correct Autolite 2 bbl carb rebuilt and missing dashpot was added.

The engine is a "reman" with probably less than 20,000 miles on it. It runs perfectly, uses no oil, and does not smoke. The trans was rebuilt, too and has even fewer miles on it.

The engine and trans are still together and I really need to sell them as a unit. $1000 plus shipping from East Texas.
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