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Complete Total Control Products Front & Rear coilover suspension with

  • Total Control Products Power Rack and Pinion
  • Mark Williams MasterLine Pro Street Axles (Rear) ,
  • PBR calipers and rotors
  • Ford 9" 31 Spline Tru-Trac Posi-Traction Rear End
Asking $9,900 plus shipping.

  • Retail pricing for this package was more than $13K.
  • Freight Shipping required due to size and weight.
  • Local pick up in Sterling VA 20166
Everything is in excellent condition. They have been installed but the vehicle was not completed before it was parted. So they have never been driven on.

Contact via pm or text at 202-246-6441. Thanks for looking!

From TCP Website:
Rear Push Rod Coil-over Suspension

The TCP Rear Pushrod Suspension System enables dramatically improved handling performance for Classic Mustangs and Fords in a high-tech, self-contained package. The original leaf spring suspension relies heavily on the springs to handle rear end housing movement in six-directions as well as torque reactions during acceleration and braking. We’ve replaced the leaf springs with double-adjustable VariShock™ coil-over shocks, tubular trailing arms, watts link assembly, and heavy-duty torque arm. This separation of control jobs to individual components enables a superior level of positioning and geometry accuracy. The result is consistent, predictable handling suitable for the most demanding of performance applications. Additional benefits include significant improvement to chassis rigidity and extremely precise tuning adjustments such as ride height, wheel base, housing alignment, instant center, pinion angle, shock valving, as well as a choice of spring rates. High quality construction combined with a wide range of adjustments make this system equally at home on the street, strip, or road course.

For 1964-73 Ford Mustang & 1967-73 Cougar (other applications as well) check with TCP for additional applications.

Front Coil-over Conversion System
The TCP front coil-spring suspension is a fully adjustable suspension system that utilizes the key factory mounting locations to greatly simplify installation. With over 18 years of production, development and testing, the TCP suspension components comprise the most mature and refined front suspension system available for vintage Mustangs and other classic Fords; moving past our original design that others have copied. You can be assured of exact-fit installation, bind-free operation, effective and predictable suspension-tuning changes, with unmatched strength and performance. Our all-new, exclusive TrueCenter pivot sockets and tubular suspension components provide extremely precise control over the spindle’s travel arch with linear resistance. Suspension-geometry improvements include: lower center of gravity, higher roll center, reduced vehicle roll rate, quicker negative-camber gain, increased compression travel, reduced rebound travel to limit body roll, and correct axis and length of lower arm assembly when utilizing factory mounting positions. A brand new, Total Control exclusive, billet-aluminum, offset-pivot-shaft option, enables precise relocation of the upper-control-arm pivot axis, for improved camber gain geometry without the need to drill holes, or risk of error.

For 1971-73 (some 67) Mustang and Cougar check with TCP for additional applications.

Power Rack and Pinion Conversion Kit
Our patented line of high performance center-take-off rack and pinions enables correct geometry and a level of positive, direct steering that is not possible with adapted OEM units. Both manual and power versions feature quick ratio, straight cut gears, requiring only three turns lock-to-lock (standard OEM 4-5/8 turns, Performance OEM 3-3/4 turns).
Once installed, the rack becomes a rigid cross member bracing the lower control arm mounts; an improvement over the original bent tubular design. Mounting brackets along with the centerline are specific to engine type and are used to vary the height of the rack as needed for oil pan clearance.


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thats a heck a lot of parts. FWIW the R&P you have in your pictures is not a TCP rack....
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