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I just got Bob Mannel's engine book today, and I want to get a concourse MCA consensus on what decals would be valid on my upcoming 17" air cleaner. Another Pace Car owner forwarded a photo of an original 55K mile Pace Car motor from Wisconsin. It definitely has the Autolite spark plug decal, but after that it's a crapshoot because it only shows the passenger side of the cleaner:

FRONT decal - My Pace Car engine photo has an air cleaner that has all the paint missing from the front, so this decal would be gone, too, if it ever existed. Bob's book shows this on almost all the early shots (see page 4-35), but I've heard negative feedback on this one. Why are so many people down on this one?

USE GENUINE FOMOCO REPLACEMENT PARTS - my Pace Car photo has a remnant on the lid that cannot be identified, and this could be it. However, all Bob's photos have this one on the side. My Pace Car engine photo does not show the driver's side where this one would be placed.

CRANKCASE VENTILATION SYSTEM - In Bob's book, this appears on both the side and the lid, depending on the photo; no sign of it in my Pace Car engine photo.

260 decal - definitely out. Bob's book states "There are reports that some very late Mustang 260 V8 air cleaners received 260 CUBIC INCHES on top." The Pace Car engine photo doesn't have any sign of it, and I'm not using it.

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i think you may be getting a little beyond the standards set by MCA concours judging, but it's always good to be better than the rules.

In regards to the decals, i've seen numerous configurations. When you are judged, they will look for the cubic inch decal, the autolite specification decal and thats all on the air cleaner. Technically, if you have these, that is sufficient.... BUT, you will get an occasional judge who may have seen first hand evidence of what really should be and might deduct.

At any rate, the Mannel book is probably the best guide here.

Charles Turner
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