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Concurs Solenoid Problems

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Has anyone had problems with their concours repro starter solenoids? After only 200 miles on a brand new one from NPD, it doesn't work anymore. Everything on the whole car (66 Fastback) is new and has been working great except for the solenoid failure this morning. As luck would have it, the car was back in the garage after returning from a local test drive. I'll call NPD Monday and see if they will do anything about it; however, I am concerned that these particular repros may be prone to failure. If so, I'll just replace it with an old spare FOMOCO one even though its not as pretty.
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That's the problem with the "concours correct" stuff... Looks nice but doesn't function too well.

Does AMK ring a bell?
I had the same problem with mine. Called Mustangs Unlimited and they said they do not warranty these and that I am pretty much screwed! I was pretty upset because it cost me $40 but I just put my original one back on and it works fine. They said that they test all electrical components and if it fails they do not care.
Gotta watch them repop ign. coils too!
Art, just curious, but are you implying that there are problems with AMK parts? I've always heard that Max is pretty fussy about the quality of the stuff he sells.
At the Pensacola National last year, I brought my new solenoid along that I had purchased directly from AMK. I drove the car out of the trailer, fixed a couple of things, and swapped the new solenoid in. Meantime, Chuck was getting his California Special ready. Then as I went to start the car to follow him into the show area--nothing happened. The solenoid was bad. I had to swap them back, get in place, then swap them back again, as my old one didn't have the correct red mark on top. AMK was very good about and exchanged the part with apologies. They had had some problems with others from the manufacturer. AMK does not make the solenoids. The new one has worked fine since I put it on the car more than a year ago.
are you implying that there are problems with AMK parts?

I'm saying that I've had problems with AMK electrical products.

I bought an AMK voltage regulator for my 67 GT500, worked OK for a year, then the points inside stuck boiling the battery over, fortunately I could smell the battery acid and was able to stop and wash most of it off the inner fender and engine before major damage was done.
Similar situation with the starter solenoid.... occasionally, I would have to "click" the solenoid several times before it made contact and spun the engine.
Hey Bernie,missed you again friday night.You were pulling out as I was coming in.As for the repro parts,I won't buy AMK products.I've had AMK items go bad in a matter of weeks,and neither the dealer or AMK would do anything to rectify it.I'll try to get to glen burnie a little earlier next week...
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