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1. I am not complaining, in fact, this is a rave review.

I purchase your nice console from a vendor for use in my 67 mustang.

It didn't fit....but I didn't really expect it to fit since my car has had so many things done to it (it doesn't have a stock shifter assembly and who knows about the blower unit)

It needed to go 'back' further under the dash.
The blower assembly was in the way

Then even with it all the way still didn't fit

But with a shifter bezel mod (aka I took it apart and turned it 180 degrees) I was able to make it all work

So where's the praise? Why is this happy feedback....simple...I knew I would need to make mods because of my shifter...and I did...I beat on this thing for over an hour...and it didn't break, didn't crack, didn't tear.

I started simple

But at the end of it....I took this much out....across the top and then angled down the side a little bit

And then where the shifter mounts I had to take 3/4 inch wider and 1.5 inch taller. I cut it all out with an air cut off wheel and the unit never flinched. Really impressed with the quality of the build workmanship.
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