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What is the procedure for greasing the upper control
arm shafts that do not have any grease fittings installed.

I believe you have to pop plugs at the ends of the shafts
(with a screwdriver?) and thread 90 degree grease fittings into the shafts. Is this correct?

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Yes. Some arms don't have the plugs and you don't take
them out with a screw driver. They have the same threads
as the zerk fitting. When you put grease in them take a pry
bar and lift up on the A-arm at the large nut at the rear. This
will open the area that gets the contact while the car is on
the ground. The grease will flow through that area and will
do it's job. Moving the arm up and down with the pry bar
while you pump in the grease is a sure fire way to make
curtain the shaft gets the grease. Good luck!
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