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Control Arm relocation? Yes or No?

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What is everybody's opinion on relocating the upper A arm in my 67 FB? I am putting a balanced/bluprinted late model 302 that has been ported and matched to the aftermarket heads and should be a strong motor. While I have the front suspension out should I lower the A arm to make it handle better? Does anybody have the template to do that? I am also going to put a lowering spring in the front so I need help in deciding! Thanks!
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I put in the magna negative wedge kit in my 67 fb with a 390 and in the kit is a template that bolts to the original holes to relocate the new holes.I have heard of people lowering the arms without the wedge kit but there is a risk of breaking the ball joint on a hard bump.I really like the way it handles plus with the 620 springs to lower the car also helps.I waiting for our clubs open track day to really give it a try.
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