Hello Forum colleagues,

now comes something very special and that is the beautiful Convenience Group lamps.

Offer here a set of the rare equipment option "Convenience Group".
These are 4 lamps that were either installed in the middle part of the dashboard or, if the car was delivered with air conditioning, in the center console.

Park - handbrake
Fuel - low fuel in the tank
Belts - reminder to fasten seat belt
Door - door not completely closed

They are based on real lamps and are very close to the original ones as far as the visual appearance is concerned.

Unlike the originals, the repros were turned from aluminum and polished.
On the pictures you can see the comparison between the reproductions and the originals.
Unfortunately, the camera overexposes when lit, in reality it shines a nice dark red and the writing is more legible.

A set of lamps costs $ 450 and includes:
  • 4x lamps (4x rotating part with red lens and engraving (1x Park, 1x Fuel, 1x Belts, 1x Door))
  • 4x distance washer
  • 4x nut
  • 4x socket for the bulb
  • 4x LED red

For connecting you need several components, which you should be able to get at the usual stores. If the Convenience Package is already installed, these components are not necessary.

Payment either by Paypal or bank transfer.