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Convertible top boot padding info - anyone?

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I was reading with some interest a post detailing the fact that there was, I assume from the factory, a sort of foam pad that went between the top and the boot when the top was down? This seems perfectly logical, as I've wondered how much longer it will be until my boot ends up with 2 wear holes in it from the upper frame edges.

Where did this foam boot sit when the top was up? Was it a part of the top itself or was it in the top well? Also, does anyone know of any pictures of this thing? I've never seen it in any of my books.

Finally, can one buy this thing reproduced? If not, I'd definitely be interested in making one...

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Hey does yours look like foam but have white covers on them? I had some but I thought it was some junk the PO left in the trunk. Stupid me....

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