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How hard is it to convert a manual top to a power top on a '65? Who sells all the parts at a reasonable price? Should I do it????

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I would do it. There was a recent post asking the same basic question on 4/13/01. Do a search and review those replies too.

Here's an idea of what it takes. Kar Auto Group sells a 1965 to 1968 Power Top Conversion Kit for $849.95. They can do the conversion too. See their web site at:

Their kit includes everything necessary to convert your manually operated convertible top to a factory correct power top

Kit includes:

2 New Power Top Cylinders
1 Hydraulic Hose Kit
1 Power Top Switch
1 Power Top Switch Up/Down Bezel
1 Knob
1 Junction Block
1 Power Top Pump
1 Power Top Switch to Motor Harness
1 Power Top Feed Wire

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if you change your car from manual top to power top, does that mean you have a 'fake' power top car /forums/images/icons/smile.gif j/k

$850 sounds a little steep in my opinion. in the past, i have been able to pick up complete used systems at car shows for around $100. worst scenario after doing this is buying cylinders at $100 each and maybe a motor for $100.

this conversion could easily be done with a mix of new and used parts for under $500 and the work is simply bolt on except you have to drill a hole in the dash for the switch.

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Charles, first of all thats good new about not having to pay $900 to convert. Second, I've got a buck tag on my car, if I upgrade to power top, would a judge be able to tell it wasn't original? In other words, would a 66 car that came with a power top have it designated on the buck tag?
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The code on the buck tag indeed tells whether the top is black or white and power or manual. It is coded with letters, so unless someone knows the breakdown (and many people do), your change would not be immediately obvious.

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