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cool cop

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today my dad and i were on the way to the courthouse in my 66 coupe which badly needs the paint i have stored away for it (no time cuz i drive it) and there was these cops with one lane blocked so everyone must go thru the only right lane left, well we had to go back home to get the plates for our new 67 fbk, we had to get the plates to transfer the title only, seeing how it wont be driven for a while, and we noticed this cop checking out the car more than usual. so anywho, we went back to the courthouse and on our way back home i let my dad drive. when we were passing by the cop he stopped us and everyone behind us on a green light, he came up and said. "im just stopping u to admire ur car, i have a 71 convertable", and we talked about mustangs for a good minute or so(which is a long time to everyone behind us at a green light) i dont know, i just thought it was pretty funny, anybody else have an experience like this. ( jeez, just wait till i paint it!)
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Hi, I drove mine last night 67 coupe stripped of all the chrome and in primer to the garage where i'm going to paint it tomorrow and when I stopped at a local coffee shop for a cup of coffee I came back out to find 6 guys standing around it admiring it I told them to wait till its back together on sunday
A few years ago, when the speed limit was 55 mph, I pulled on the freeway, let the K engine wind to 70 in 3rd. It hadn't been driven for a month and needed "blown out". The flashing lights came on, and the good CA patrolman wanted to know where I was going in such a hurry. When he realized I was on my way to the Orange County Mustang Club meeting, he said, "tell the club members that a few of us like the Mustangs and appreciate those that enjoy driving them", and walked back to his cruiser.

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I had a cop follow me in greensville SC, he said admiring an old car still on the road...when the Drive train dropped (what a moment to lose the UV joint) He got his relative to tow it for free. and I got both uv's replaced for under 150.00 ... he told me to keep it going and I have;)

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Cops that like Mustangs, jeez you dont see them every day.

Tim Russell
Sale, Victoria, Australia
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My cop experience was quite funny? I got our 70 Coupe for the SWMBO, (yeah right?). Well it had to be trailered home as it was sitting for 18 years undriven. The brakes had lost all their fluid and after I got a battery installed, only the cigarette lighter, dome light and starter position on the ignition worked. Well we got the engine started and then it was the brakes as the next priority. Went and bought 4 wheel cylinders, master cylinder and new front brake hoses. Got the front wheel cylinders on and the new master cylinder. It was now Saturday 2AM in the morning. Couldn't wait to see if she could roll on her own after 18 years sitting! So I took it out on the street in front of our house hadn't gone 200 feet and I realized that I MUST get the headlights on as we couldn't see enough to drive.

So I got a jumper wire from the battery to the light circuit and now at least it had headlamps. Now, there were no tail lights, dash lights, or side marker lights working and no license plates of course!

I thought we would take it down one of the side streets close to home and back. Hadn't made it a 1/4 mile when we passed a cop on the road. He made a quick turn around and pulled us over. (My son was given the honor to make the "maiden" trip as he was helping me).

I figured at 2 in the morning we wouldn't pass anyone on the road! and we'd be ok for a quick ride, and if someone got behind us, we had a plan to park to the side of the road as we had no tail or brake lights. After we pulled to the side, I thought I'd get out of the car and explain the situation to the cop. Well the cop got frightened, told me to freeze, and put his hand on his gun. He then ordered me to get back in the car. The cop then came over and read me the riot act, asked questions like for insurance, (none for this car yet of course) and then got back into his car to check out our ID's. (He didn't wait for me to answer the other 40 million questions he asked me)

I figured we were going to jail!!!!! My son was scared as he was the driver! Then the chief of police must of heard the dispatch and showed up on the scene - lucky I knew him. The chief and the officer then had a short talk. Then the cop came over and said he was sorry, and that the chief had told him I was a "prominent" citizen of the City! The cop wanted to know why and the #!##% though we were driving an unlicensened vehicle with no running lights on at 2AM. (Oh, and it wasn't yet titled over to me yet)

I then said that's exactly why we were doing it considering the condition of the car and the fact we didn't expect to find anyone else on the road. I then told him the whole story about the car sitting for 18 years undriven, and how we'd just got her running and we were dying to test drive it. Well he ended up apologizing to us and then escorted us to our home! (hee hee)

2 years later, all is restored and it's ready for paint - oh yea, the lights all work now, and the car is licensed and insured! (Oh, and we did also get pulled over 2 more times by the local cops before it was finally in a condition to be licensed! - as the restoration continued) Another story, for another time!
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Very good Tim

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My friend and I were in his 65 coupe w/ a 351C. It's really loud, with 2-chamber flowmasters and a 305 cam, so it's really lopy. Anyways, right when we parked, the cops turned on their light. We thought we were going to get popped for noise pollution. Then they started talking to us, and one had a 65 fastback w/ a 5.0, and the other had a 67 w/ a 390. They were actually nice, which is rare in LA. I've been pulled over for no reason in my stang countless times, and they just let me go.

65 coupe 302
(rebuilding a 351W)
A lot of times it's your own attitude that helps. I was doing about 85+ in my SVO just before Christmas on an open road and got nailed by a CHP sitting on the side with a radar gun. I knew I was had so I eased off and pulled over to wait. Now, the day before, SWMBO was upset and tossed her keys on the dash and they went down the defrost duct so I had the dash off, and the glove box and all its contents were in the back. It was a mess but I just handed him my license and said, "The registration and proof of insurance are somewhere in the back, so why don't you go start the citation and I'll bring them over to you when I find them." He kind of chuckled and did just that. When I took them over to him he said, "I clocked you at 85 in a 65 but I'm putting you down for 75." That was a big break, insurance wise, keeping my license-wise and even getting to go to traffic school-wise. Turns out he used to have an SVO for a personal driver and he used to drive a CHP Mustang until they discontinued using them. Guess what kind of unit California had him driving that day...A VOLVO! (1 of 11 bought for evaluation.) *G*

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