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Didn't I see a VMF member's old car there somewhere? A bright blue fastback that was sold to buy a Bronco?
Sure looked like it anyway...

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Thanks for letting us know about the site!!

65 coupe 302
(rebuilding a 351W)

I'd rather push a Ford than drive a Chevy!!!

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pretty cars, but MYGOSH!!!!! those prices???? except for the gold stripes, that hertz gt350 clone is a mirror image of my restomod, my interior is still gutted too... and I have 16 inch magnum 500s...

$23,900??????? okay, I've only got $10,000 on my project so far, that makes it an investment still...
I can rationalize another $10k and still come out ahead! ummmm... baby? can I have the checkbook?
I have an excellant plan for a retirement fund...

64.5 convertible (restomod in progress)
sold the COBRA for family sedan (new addition)

I dont need my wifes permission....
I'm not above begging forgiveness!!
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