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I just got my "Car Capsule" from National Parts Depot. If you've never heard of one of these, it's this big self-contained clear plastic bubble that has this small fan motor on it. It inflates up to look like a big giant clear bubble with a car in it. It's really tough clear non-scratch plastic (so it won't hurt your paint) that has this zipper around the bottom to enclose your car. The air changes out about 2-3 times an hour and has a filter on the fan. This thing is just too cool! I put my 64 fuelie Corvette in it for safe keeping until summer. I'd highly recommend these things for your Mustang storage, or anything else! e-mail me for pictures if your curious.
P.S. I'm considering trading the Vette for a really nice Shelby if anybody is interested.

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Isn't that the same thing that Michel Jackson lived in for awhile.........maybe the air exchange wasn't enough for him.
Cool idea for storage.


the older i get.....the less tolerant i become

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