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I like it, when do we we really start using it, or is that what I am doing now.
I think Camachinist asked about moving over the old messages, is that possible? Anyone know when the old forum will be terminated?
Wow a check spelling, I need that

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Some of the OF's will likely be serving double duty as we all test and work out the bugs of the new forum....

Personally, I think Bob did a great job out of the way did he just do it over the weekend...! *G*

Hopefully we'll get some answers to some of yours and others questions as time goes by...

One thing I've noted...people from the classifieds are jumping in here....we need to get that door closed, as well as stay on top of them....I'm posting referrals in all the OT (classifieds) threads I see...

1 - 4 of 4 Posts