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Corn Feed 2 - Pictures! (From Saturday afternoon)

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Howdy all.

I have not had time to make a web page for these yet, so they are all kind
of dumped into one directory.

Also - beware! Most of the pictures are big! They will take some time to
download over a modem, and may need to be viewed in another program
to be seen on your screen (Internet Explorer 6 will do it automatically though)

I will clean them all up and put them in a web site when I get the chance!

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Let me just say you did a fantastic job taking pictures and especially getting their file size down without losing too much resolution!!!
ahhh! i cant see so many pictures of fastbacks... its depressing
Great pics! I had to wait to get back home and use my cable modem to view all of these wonderful pics. It sure brought back a lot of memories!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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