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Corn Feed Info

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Well, it's almost here. The Corn Feed is this weekend!!! Wow.

The loose itinerary is what we're going with - no interest in the golfing, so it looks like we're no go on that - but we'll figure out something else to do for people hanging around on Sunday.

Food will be provided on Saturday - but you'll need to supply your own seat - I don't have a formal area for eating - sorry :-(

Donations to help pay for the food would be appreciated too, but not required.

The address for the event is:

Red 5 Interactive
4549 Fleur Drive
Des Moines, IA 50321

You can get instructions for driving from

Looking forward to seeing everyone!

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Cool beans Bob... looking forward to block sanding the Shelby!!

Seat? We all have seats: they are called rear ends!

I can't wait to meet everyone once again, and meet the newbies. In case anyone doesn't recognize me, I'll be the quiet and shy one..../forums/images/icons/tongue.gif
Cough, cough, cough, aaa ya Midlife. The quiet shy one!
I too look forward to seeing everyone!!!! Old and new
I'll be a newbie. Better print that map. Hope Midlife's award doesn't get smashed on the way. Nooo, sheep are more flexible than that! See everyone Friday Night!!!!!!
Looking forward to seeing some old friends again and meeting new ones at this years event.

Sorry, Gene, but I haven't been working out enough for the Buddha contest, so I don't think I'll compete again this year /forums/images/icons/tongue.gif

I have been training hard all year for the Budda contest. GeneJ, YOur going down this year!!!!!! I am winning that contest this year!!!!!!!!
Can't wait! Would somebody please leave word at the Hampton as to where you're headed on Friday evening? Leave a message for Keith Kinnaird. I have to take SWMBO to her brother's house in Marshalltown about an hour and a half away and probably won't be back in Des Moines till evening time. I may have some catching up to do!

Can't wait to see everyone there, finally I get time off after a year of hard work /forums/images/icons/blush.gif)
Perfect weekend..nothing planned..*LOL* I Love It....see you all in Des Moines
I'll post on my travel mis-adventure at a later date. This morning I'm in Iowa. Yesterday it SUCKED to be me.

I'll be heading out for Des Moines in a while. Have about a two hour drive to get there and I have to go to the airport to see if I can get my luggage(spent 6 hours trying to locate it yesterday).
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