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Correct gauge of battery cables

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Hi All,
I want to use new wires from the local hardware store on my 68 coupe. What is the correct quage for the postive and negative wires.

And what is the correct length of these wires. 13' for postive and 42 for negative?
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For all the time it will take to fab up the "correct" wires from a hardware store, you may as well order the real "correct" set from NPD. Just my .02 cents worth. Good luck!

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Go get some zero (or ought) gage wire. You will have no battery problems after that (hehehe).

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The starting system is a week link in these cars.
I use the biggest cable I can get. I go to NAPA
auto and get the 00 size. It is huge and will
last a long, long time. The pos. is about 12-14 in.
depending on how your batt. is turned. Ford put
the batt. in with the pos. side towards the shocktower.
I turn it the other way. The neg. goes to the motor.
It can be anywhere from 15-20 in. I think 40 in is too
long. Again, get the biggest you can.
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