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Coupe to convertible conversion

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I know this sounds blasphemous...but I am saving a car from the crusher after all...

I would like to know if anyone has ever converted a coupe into a convertible and what the major issues are in a nutshell? I am entertaining turning a non-numbers matching 66 V8 coupe...bad floors, bad frame rails, no interior etc....into a convertible or roadster.

About 20 years ago I saw a 66' in a magazine that had undergone this conversion and it was very tasteful..not to mention incredibly fast...twin turbos, a custom fabricated chassis and slightly modified body...minor wheel flares, grille treatment.

I am planning to fabricate an entire custom chassis, using late model 5.0 running gear and mild body modifications. My experience in fabrication is certainly above average, have built many body pieces from composite materials over the years and have very talented cohorts for things that I am not good at.

I am truly not looking to do any injustice to a really nice make and model..but see some huge potential in saving one of the best looking Mustang my opinion...from the crusher and get the ride that I have always dreamed at. I also can not, in good faith, complete these level of modifications to a restorable convertible.

Your insight would be greatly appreciated.