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just wanted to add my 2 cents into this.ive got 2 65 converts and both had the shake`s when i got em
im not into drilling holes[that dont belong]or welding things that leave a marks for ever,if it cant be bolted on into factory holes then i dont do it.
on my k conv i found a few things that gave it the shakes, the first was a tired front end and soft shockes,
replaced it all and instaled a 1 1/8 front sway bar w/konis,that took car of about 80% of the shake,then had the wheels balenced on the car and that was the deal maker,my car will go down the road at any speed w/no cowel shake [and im a picky guy]even over rail road tracks it fine.
on my other 65 it has drum all around and i did the same thing to it,except i had the drums balenced off the car,then the wheels balenced on the car,both cars have s/s wheels[orig ones] and both cars have no shake.
i know every convert is not the same,milage an age take a toll but i feel if you take your time and work the problem out it can be fixed,without tossing tons of $$$ at it.i did the basic`s without modifing the cars orignalty
hope this may help some one Dave

65 K gt vert
65 A vert
65 GT 350,orig
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great post......very helpful! My car is solid as a rock until you hit the preverbial pothole or railroad track crossing...then it coochie coochies like Charro! My car is near concourse original with the exception of the Koni shocks all around. I share your same feelings about drilling and welding. I think at some point I may install an export brace and a monte carlo bar, which I know will help the car handle better, even if it does nothing for the cowel shake. I have a set of ceramic coated tri-y's sitting on the shelf too.....hmmm...I don't suppose those are concourse either huh??? /forums/images/icons/wink.gif
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