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cowl mod ideas? share some thoughts

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Well, my upper cowl cover has bent "grills" on my 67, and i have to do the inner so im prolly going to buy a new upper to keep the bodywork simple. I was thinking that maybe there is some cowl that is "removable" that i could siamese into my old upper and try and make my own 67 cowl with removable grills. Any ideas on donor cars? Is it even a good idea? I figure i could fill in the imperfections and make it look decent enough to be worth it...
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My thoughts were if you replace the cowl (rust etc) and prime and paint the inter portion...... took 30 years to rust out the 1st time..... dought I'll make another 30 years much less have the car?
If I'm reading you correctly, you want the upper cowl to be removable, right? I agree with the previous post, that if it's cleaned up and painted, there would be no need, other than to maybe go in and clean out some leaves every 15 years. I really don't see the point.

However, why not just use screws instead of spotwelding it back together? That's how "other ponycar" manufacturer(s) did it. Then you can just unscrew it, and yank the entire upper off if you are so inclined.
I've had a few ideas.

1. If you're really good with metalwork, then the removeable cowl is a great idea.

2. An insert that would catch any water entering the cowl and direct it out the drain holes. This would be a great piece to make in plastic (never rust) and you could remove top cover, "kill" any rust, install the insert, and reweld top back on...

3. Somewhat unrelated but...I was told that the greatest air pressure at speed is not in the area that a hoodscoop usually is, but at the cowl (thus cowl induction hoods, I guess). On a track car that has a rusty cowl, what about opening up the cowl area at the front/back of underhood area, and tying in an air induction hose to air filter housing right there? I thought that might make sense if you don't mind modifications....

The FOX Mustangs from 79 to 93 have a plastic removable cowl. I do not think that it would look very good though. I would recommend that you stick with the stock design.
Am I missing something? I've never seen a replacement cowl. If there's someone that knows of a place selling one, please send me a link. As for the mods, I'd just remove it, make my reapirs & re-weld it. I'm a fabricator & can seen nothing but extra work trying to modify this part of the car.
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Rick, They have the cowl patch kits, to replace around the "hats" inside the cowl. (big rust area) What I was trying to say, is if you've repaired this area, (new metal) and have prepped and sealed the area correctly, there really is no need to have removeable cowl "vents". The repair is enough work without having to manufacture something that is probably unnecessary.
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