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Coyote Headers?

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Hey all. Has anyone heard of Coyote headers? I was going through the file the PO gave me with my car and I guess he had a local Muffler shop install some about 10 years ago. I did a little looking around on the 'net and it looks like Hooker used to have a series called Coyote but that's about as much info as I can find about them.

Anyone have any idea what kind of headers I have on my car? Are they pretty decent units or just a generic improvement over stock? I'm just trying to learn more about what specs I'm working with on this sucker......

(BTW I have them hooked with 2/14 pipes to Flowmaster 40's....sounds super nice)

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They don't say "ACME" on them do they??
God I hope not.....lucky there aren't many Plymouths in my neighborhood
I bought a pair of headers from JC Wit. back in 87 for my FB. At the time they didn’t advertise the brand names of the products. They cost about $100 back then and were of heavy construction and cut the ¼ times down considerably compared to the stock manifolds and exhaust. I have never heard of them before and have never seen anything about them since then though!
I bought headers for my truck through JC Whitney; when they arrived they were Coyote. I had a fitment issue so I called the tech line on the installation page, and it turned out they're a part of Hooker! Soooooo

Your Coyote Headers were made by Hooker Headers!
Coyote headers were manufactured from the late 70s through about 93 or so. They were built by Hedman under the names Eagle, Cyclone, Thrush, and Blackjack. We used to get headers in our parts store that had Coyote tags on the pipes, but came in a Blackjack box.
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