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Angry, I'm just not feeling it on the Coyote. I'm looking at head flow as an easy illustration. 351C-4V- 295~300, do some quick bowl blending and you're at 325. Coyote is 285, alttle porting and you've got 315 cfm. Power potential is roughly 2.2 times cfm for a V8. So.....LOTS of painful surgery to install an engine with LESS power potential than I already have ?? why ?! And thats with old, iron cylinderheads designed in 1968. Some of the newer aluminum heads, like CHI in Australia, flow EVEN MORE. AND they almost drop right into the chassis as it is now. A TKO is also an easy fit. A C, an FE, or a Lima can all be built to spin 7500. Been there, done that. I just don't see the need. A well built early V8, with a lower rpm limit in mind, like 6500 or so, will easily yield a much more driver friendly experience. At least, they do for me. Before I retired, I got to get my hands dirty on all knids of stuff. But we didn't do alot of 4.6 build - ups. Folks just weren't interested. There were a couple, but the only one with close to the power of the early ones was a guy with a supercharger. I'll stick to the mid to late sixties designs, thanks. BUT if I see any cheap coyotes for sale, I'll tell y'all. But I will also try to talk you out of it ! LSG
I am planning on making some long road trips. With a tune, this Gen 3 should be up about 480-500 hp. Planning on making some long road trips and figuring that the smooth idle and expected 25-30 mpg (over 600 pounds less weight than new Mustang) will help me avoid those sideways looks from the wife. Ole F150 with 5.4 I used to have got about 17 if I really feathered the gas. I dreaded every time we stopped for gas because I knew she would have something to say about spending money on that gas hog.
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