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cruise controll?

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has anyone ever seen cruise controll on a mustang, i saw it in the manual for 67 but iv never seen one,if there is anyone who has one i would be interested in it, thanks -pete
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35 years ago there were only 55 total . I met a guy at Knotts that has one in his coupe , and it wasn't working .
I have factory cruise in my 68, not quite as rare as 67 but you don't see em every day.
437 total speed controls in 68; 55 in 1967. Must have been more amphetamine usage in the latter parts of the 60's.
I had an after market unit installed on a pick up in the past, it involved glueing some magnets on the drive shaft, with a control stalk attached to the turn signal lever, don't know if its still available, but it worked just fine. I think I got it at JC Whitney.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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