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Crushing Defeats... and Intake Identification...

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Worked on the 'Stang ( (yeah, shameless plug) this weekend and it
seemed as things went BACKWARDS instead of forwards. I think my list of "things to do" grew, while my list
of "things done" stayed the same. I hate that. Makes me disgruntled. *arg*

Anyways, picked up a 1980 302 HO engine this weekend. Heads, block and aluminum 4bbl intake. I don't have
the actual number with me, but how would this intake compare to say a 4bbl Edlebrock intake? Or put it another way...
How does a $50 1980 Ford aluminum 4bbl intake compare to a $229 Edlebrock 4bbl intake?

This intake would be going on a 1978 302 engine with 1970 351W heads. (just got 'em! whoo hoo they look excellent, with
screw in studs already. Doesn't that rule. :)) Also will possibily have a Lunati 351 cam in it. (need to see if it's going to be
a bit radical for this setup)..

Just read today I'll probalby have to take my Steering box out because it's a power steering one, and replace it with a Manual
steering box. (the 19:1 vs. 16:1 ratio stuff) Anyone have an idea how much these boxes cost?

'66, 302-4bbl, Granada disk brakes, etc, etc...
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Post side and top view pictures of the intake and I can tell you.....likely the intake is a low rise dual plane...

If so, good for 5Krpm or so.....

Post the specs for that this a new build or are you adding to a running short block?

Yeah, I hear you about "progress". There seems to be no substitute for doing it right the first time, when it comes to actually moving down the road with the project. As for the intake - $229? I think you could get a Weiand or Edelbrock 4v intake, dual plane, at almost any Ford swap meet for $85 to $125. Of course that is used, but these things don't break unless someone over-torques, usually around the thermostat area.

Those late 70s 302's have cruddy heads cause of smog control, but you have fixed that with the 351 heads.

As for the steering box, I purchased a flaming river steering gearbox for my power steering car. It had the same gear ratio as a manual box. I think it set me back about $450. You can use the same box for both manual and power steering on the 70. The power steering is really power assisted steering, with all of the "power" mechanics located outside the box. True power steering, such as Ford brought along later, centralized all the power mechanics inside the gearbox. That is why you can go with the same box for both power and manual (but for the gear ratio). I think the pitman arm might have a slightly different bend, however, between power and non-power. I read where the pitman arm on the shelby is different than the non-shelby. This is just my vague recollection, however. Good luck.

sure it's fun, but it's only a car.
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I know what you meen, I went and did an oil change. I grabed a strut rod to pull myself under the car and the strut rod moved. The bushing are shot., It never ends.

John L. Anschutz
Allen, TX
68 Diamond Blue Coupe - 302
68 Acapulco Blue Coupe - I6 - 200
You caught me at work without the pics or the specs... BUT... I can get you the identification number that's stamped on it
tonight. I wrote that down. As for pictures... it'll be two weeks. Time for me to get home again, and take a picture.

As for the cam. It's the same cam I have been posting about earlier. 279 290 duration, .479-.490 duration or something
like that. I'll get those numbers too. I also have the stamped numbers on the end of the cam, though I'm not sure
if they decode to anything on the site. It's going to go into a 302, that was running until my bro and
dad did a scortched earth policy of pulling it out. (nothing marked) So we get to put it back together with all these

'66, 302-4bbl, Granada disk brakes, etc, etc...
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I had thought I looked up the intakes and found they were that... maybe you're right, I'll check again.

Finding a Ford swap meet in Iowa is close to impossible, I'm finding. I went to a huge on in Cedar
Rapids over the weekend... 90% chevy crap... errr... stuff. Took me 30 minutes in the shower to
wash all the "Chevy grime" off me. :)

The steering box is a 66, same year as the car. and $450 is NOT what I wanted to hear in regards
to getting a new one. :) I guess I'll just have to deal with the 16:1 steering then. I wrecked the power
assist that was in it before (i used a picklefork on the little bolt going from the assist to the pittman arm)
so I know I can't really use it. and I'm sure I cna't get it fixed. We'll see.

I asked the guys at Mustangs Plus and they said the Pittman arm was the same for power assist and for
normal steering.

'66, 302-4bbl, Granada disk brakes, etc, etc...
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d'oh. Mine weren't that serious. It was more like....

"I have to torque the bolts on the upper ball joints???"
"I can't put the upper arm in until I clean the areas where it bolts inside the engine compartment".

It's just the level of detail gets higher, and therefore the work increases.

'66, 302-4bbl, Granada disk brakes, etc, etc...
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No problem....that 302 manifold will likely work fine with the cam you have if the duration is in the 200-215 range at .050" lifter rise...

I'd recommend a little more converter (if auto) and gear than stock to compliment the engine changes. Remember, combination....*G*

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