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On my way to meet up with Dodge, Midlife, Aron and others at the impromtu barb-q hosted by Dodge and DT - my lower radiator hose in the '66 decided to give up on me and drain the contents of my radiator all over my neighborhood road.

I called up Dodge to inform him of the bad news but I don't think he believed me. Here is a journalistic and photographic evidence of the Curse of MIDLIFE striking NOVA.

Photo 1: The '66 up on ramps. Note the green bucket to catch radiator fluid.

Photo 2: Engine shot - notice the missing lower hose?

Photo 3: Out with the old and in with the new

Photo 4: The receipt from Auto Zone. Important to note the date and time stamp on the receipt. :p

So there ya go. All fixed now however I honestly believe I was bitten by the curse as I was heading up to see MIDLIFE.

:: :) :p ;)


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Ha! That white car is SWMBO's car and that black hole must be where my Mustang budget goes. :p

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Yes indeed, the Curse continues to exist. While we removed it from DT, it traveled down to those folks who promised to come up for the East Coast impromptu Corn Feed and didn't want to take the extra effort to come. And you know who you are.... ::
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