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"Dual Webers" looking intake built for a later model 351w engine. Lower manifold is from a stock '94 E150 351w, the upper has been put together from a set of truck dual butterfly throttlebodies, with custom adapters to the lower manifold. A single linkage drives the front bellcrank, which in turn drives the rear bellcrank. The throttle linkage works very smoothly, and can be 'tuned' to get them to open at the same time, etc. Currently has 23#/hr Bosch (Chrylser) injectors on it, I also have a pile of tested 24#/hr Ford injectors I could swap in if you'd prefer.

I designed it to be used with the Cobra air cleaner, and it requires an 'oval' hole to be cut in the base plate for the two aluminum adapter sandwich plates to be used. I reused my air cleaner, so it's not available.

The reason I'm not running it, is that I've been chasing my tail for a long time now thinking I had an EFI related miss, and now that I pulled it all off, and installed a carb, I think it's gotta be my ignition system (coil/wires). (I know, it makes me sound like a dum-dum, but I don't have time before we move to get the EFI back on, so it's up for sale!)

$500 + shipping. I also have 2 Megasquirt 1 setups that run the stock TFI distrubtor. One was in the car running everything fine, the other was my spare and needs the processor replaced. I have the replacement parts, I just never got around to do it. That unit also boots fine on a computer as is, but doesn't run right with the bad processor, of course.

Make me an offer on all of it, I just had somebody flake out on me on Craigslist and need it sold pretty soon. I do a lot on eBay, if you'd like to check out my feedback over there, I use the same username as on this forum.

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