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Could just be the angle of the picture, but they're looking good until the last vane (smallest one). Looks to be sitting at a different angle and I think it's too long...I think there should be a gap between the end of it and the rear of the insert.
I think the big thing from talking through this with you is that the rearmost vane needs some special handling and if you pay careful attention to the 66 panel, as the 5th vane mates up to the rear of the frame, that frame changes shape a bit and carries a beveled/chamfered edge on all 3 mating edges at the point the 5th comes into play.

That's a bit complicated to work out with my current materials, so I'm going to think about it a bit more before trying to make it happen. I need to get this onto the car to see it in place to know if it's going to work as-is or if it needs more work.

The earlier iterations could easily be considered "inspired by" the 1966 style. With this latest version looking so close, it is a lot more striking that the rear transition isn't correct. I'm thinking I'll want to take care of that.
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