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Custom License Plate. . . Ideas anyone?

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I talked HWMOM into letting me get a custom California plate for my 67 Coupe. If it already had the black and gold plates, I wouldn't even think of this, but it doesn't. I am thinking about the special plate with the whale's tail on it. I can use any series of 7 letters, numbers and spaces. Oh yeah, it has to be clean. *G* Can't use my name. HWMOM will leave me if I do.


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Hi, how about HER TOY ? only six but should work John

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also have a 95 opal frost pearl G/T BOSS edition convertible belongs to swmbo

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I like the ideas so far LOL. Uh, I hate to ask, but what does RETROAD mean? And why did I 8APEACH?

BTW sorry I didn't get to see you when you were here in lovely Oxnard, Teebone. Steve invited me out to lunch with you guys but I already had my plate full that day.



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Well, I just checked the Calif. DMV database for personalized plates and I bombed on HER TOY and 8APEACH. I guess I have some thinking to do. BTW, I am not as good at the classic rock thing as HWMOM. He would have known that 8APEACH thing.

Thanks, Again.


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Way back in 1980, I had a license plate called 2ND NATR. I was very fond of it.


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You can check for available California plates at "". Just type in your possible plate name, and it tells you if it is available.



Kind of scary, huh!

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hehehe...... I guess the last one would not be that great but it would put a smile on my face if I saw it on the road.............*G*.

The ones on my big block Ranger are PWRRNGR.

Love hard, drive fast, wear your seat belt.

PS, that's my 'bird...... My Mustang is too ugly to take pictures of yet........*G*.

I found this list on the web... I hope the post shows up ok. It was formatted in a table so I hope it lines up right.

Mustang Horse/Pony Related Vanity Plates

Vanity Plate Meaning or translation
00-PONY On a 2000 Mustang
1BADPNY1BADPONY "One bad pony"
1BLUPNY On a blue Mustang
1BOSSHOSS "One Boss Hoss"; Hoss is slang for horse
1DFOAL "Wonderful" - Foal as in baby horse
1F9PONY "One fine pony"
1FSTPNY "One Fast Pony", on a '71 Mustang
1GTPONY "One GT Pony"
1SLKPNY "One slick pony"
1YLDPNY "One Wild Pony" on a '67 Mustang
25YRPNY "25 Year Pony", on a white/white '89 Mustang GT convertable 25th anniversary edition
2BTAMED Mustang horse "to be tamed", on a '95 Mustang GT convertible
460-PONY On Stephanie Depew's 1967 Black & Gold Fastback Mustang with a 460 engine
4HORSEMEN From "The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse", good for SCJ or BOSS Mustangs
4HOOFN Power of the horse is 4 hooves
64PONY On a '64½ Mustang convertible
65 STUD 1965 Mustang Fastback (Stud) Horse
66 PONI On a light blue '66 Mustang coupe
66PONY On a '66 Mustang, white letters on black plate
68 PNY On a Candy Apple Red '68 Mustang convertible
69PONY On a 1969 Mustang coupe
70 HORSY On a slightly modified '70 Mach I
70 PONY On a 1970 Mustang convertible
99 MARE On Mary Julia Bray's '99 Chrome Yellow Mustang. Her nickname is Mare.
ALL PONY On a black '65 Mustang coupe
BCH PONY "Beach Pony"
BLK HORS On a black 2001 Mustang
BLUHOSS "Blue Horse", on a Presidential Blue '68 Mustang 390 GT fastback
CPONYGO "See Pony Go"
CRZYPONY "Crazy Pony", on a yellow 1999 Mustang
EDS HOSS On Ed's Mustang; Hoss is slang for Horse
EQUUS Latin for "horse", on a '70 Mach I Mustang
EQUUSMMI Equus (Latin for horse) MMI (Roman numerals for 2001), on a 2001 Mustang
FILLY A young female horse
FRE2RUN "Free to Run", like the wild Mustang horse
GALLOPGALLUP As is a running horse. Gallop is the correct spelling.
GDEUP99 "Giddy-Up" on a yellow '99 Mustang
GDIE-UPGEDDEUPGETTYUPGIDDYUPGITTYUP "Giddy-Up" horse! A command (as to a draft animal) to "Get up" and go
GNISROH "Horsing Around" (read it backwards)
GRNPONY On a green Mustang
GR8 PNY "Great Pony"
GT E UP "Giddy-Up", smoothly using the GT reference
HFBEAT As in "Hoofbeat of America" (Sorry Chevy lovers)
HIHO AGHIHOSLVRHI O SLVR "Hi Ho Silver", from The Lone Ranger. "AG" is Silver in the periodic table. Good on any Silver colored Mustang
HLNOATS "Haulin' Oats", on a '88 Saleen Mustang
HORSNAO "Horsin' around" (A round)
HORSPLAY "Horse Play" on a 2000 Mustang coupe
HRSE PLA "Horse Play". What your mother always told you not to do!
IT KIKS "It Kicks" because it's a Mustang and current slang for cool
ITL TROT "It will trot"
IVY PONY On a '90 Limited Edition Emerald Green (Ivy) Mustang
KIKALTL "Kick A Little"
KIXNR 66 We get our "kicks in our '66" Mustang. Also referring to Route 66
KRZEHRSE "Crazy Horse", on a Lazer Red 2000 Mustang GT
KSMYHUF "Kiss My Hoof"
LILPONY My "Little Pony"
LTL-PONY "Little Pony", on a '79 Mustang
LUV PONY "Love Pony"
MR ED Turn the key and it talks, on a '94 GT
MSCLPNY "Muscle Pony"
MY67PONY On a '67 fastback
MY ROAN A roan is a reddish brown horse
NDSADL "In the saddle", on a '66 Mustang
NIZ PONY "Nice Pony"
NO1PONY "Number One Pony"
NO WHOA Can't stop me in my Mustang!
NVRTAMED "Never Tamed", as in a Mustang is never tamed
NYTMARE "Nightmare", on a black '93 Mustang GT
OAT EATR "Oat Eater", on a '84 Mustang convertible
OLDPONY On a white '67 Mustang convertible. Could also refer to the driver
PALE PONY On a 1968 Mustang GT Fastback, White with Black Trim
PEGSUS "Pegasus", on a bright red '73 Mach I
PNYBOY "Pony Boy"
PNYPWR "Pony Power"
PNYXPRS "Pony Express"
PONY4JKI "Pony For JKI", on January K. Isabella's Mustang
PONY4ME "Pony For Me"
PONY4U "Pony For You"
PONY95 On a '95 Mustang
PONYCAR Mustang was the first of the pony cars
PONYGIRL For the Mustang ladies
PONYHVN "Pony Heaven"
PONY PLR "Pony Puller" on Brian Suter's '88 Ford F-350 that pulls his '68 Mustang prostreet car trailer
PONYPWR "Pony Power", on a '88 Mustang LX
PONYRIDEPONYRYD Daddy, can I have a Pony Ride?
PONY UP If you own a Mustang, pony up the money
PRDY PNY "Pretty Pony", on a '66 Mustang
QTR-HRS "Quarter Horse", referring to racing your Mustang in the 1/4 mile drags
RAC HRSE "Race Horse"
REDPONY On a red Mustang
RKNHRS "Rockin' Horse", aka One Bad Ride
RLILPNY "Our Little Pony"
RMPONY "Ride My Pony" (relates to a song by Ginuwine called Ride My Pony)
SADLDUP "Saddled up", as in buckled in
SEAHORSE For Scuba Divers
SGS PONY "Shane Greene's Pony", on his Mustang
SHO PONY Double meaning: "Show Pony" and "Super High Output Pony"
STLKICKIN "Still Kicking" on a '71 Mach I
STMPD 65 "Stampede" on a '65 Mustang coupe
STMPEDE "Stampede"
THROBRD "Thuroughbred"
TNYS PNY "Tony's Pony", on Anthony Dellatacoma's Mustang
U U Two horseshoe prints
ULTPONY "Ultimate Pony", on a '97 Saleen Cobra convertible with Extreme Rainbow paint
WHOAPONY "Whoa Pony", on a '97 Cobra convertible
WHTSTED "White Steed", on a white '67 Mustang
WLDPONY "Wild Pony"
WOE BOY "Whoa Boy" - fast and out of control
WOHORSY "Whoa Horsey!", on a 89 Mustang GT. "Whoa" is a command to a draft animal (horse) to stand still
Y2KPONY On a 2000 Mustang, a twist on "Y2K Bug"
YEHAAAW The cowboy and his horse
YLW PONY On a yellow Mustang

Shelby or Cobra Mustang Related Vanity Plates

Vanity Plate Meaning or translation
1FSTASP "One Fast Asp", on a '99 Mustang Cobra. Asp is an Egyptian Cobra.
1GT350H On a 1966 Shelby GT-350 Hertz clone
1OF2000 "One of 2000", on a '96 Mystic Cobra. Only 2000 were made.
350 On a '66 Shelby GT-350
427 SHLB "427 Shelby", on a '67 Shelby GT-500 with 427 side-oiler engine
500 KR On a '68½ Shelby GT-500KR convertible
66 350 On a '66 Shelby GT-350. Not a vanity plate, just luck of the draw.
68GT500 On a '68 Shelby GT-500
68 SHLBY On a '68 Shelby GT-350
6T9GT5C "69 GT 500"
97 SVT On a 1997 SVT Cobra Mustang
97HISS On a 1997 Cobra convertible
9KOBRA9 On a '99 Black Mustang Cobra
ARBOC R "COBRA" spelled backwards and "R" for race
BAADASP BAD as in awesome, ASP as in Egyptian Cobra. Plate is on a '99 Cobra
BITTEN2 On a Shelby Cobra 427 S/C
CBRA 350 On a '68 Shelby GT-350
COBODA1 "Cobra Shinoda 1", on Team Shinoda's first authorized Cobra Shinoda Mustang
COBRA LX On a LX Mustang Cobra
COILED What a cobra does before striking! On a lowered '93 Mustang Cobra
F8K SN8K "Fake Snake", on a Cobra kit car
FANG2 On a '76 Mustang Cobra II (FANG was already taken)
FANGS On a 1970 Shelby GT-350
GT 350 On a '69 Shelby GT-350
GT500KR On Tom Schmidt's '68½ Shelby GT-500KR fastback
HISSSSSHSSSSS A Cobra's Hiss on a Mustang Cobra
ISTRIKE On Team Shinoda's '98 Cobra Shinoda authorized Mustang
ITSREAL "It's Real", on any real Shelby, Cobra, or Saleen Mustang
KIDS KR Our kids will end up with the car or the money from selling it. On a '68½ Shelby GT-500KR
KOBRRA On a '96 SVT Cobra. "COBRA" was already taken
LST1MDE "Last One Made", on a 1970 Shelby GT-500
MHISSTC On a '96 Cobra with Mystic paint
MY-ASP On a '96 Mustang Cobra. Asp is an Egyptian Cobra.
MYGT350 "My GT350", on a Shelby GT-350
MYGT500 "My GT500", not yours. On a Shelby GT-500
MYSTFYD "Mystified", on a '96 Cobra with Mystic paint
MYSTIC On a '96 Cobra coupe with Mystic paint
POISON On a '68½ Shelby GT-500KR
POIZNUS "Poisonous"
QWNCBRA "Queen Cobra", on a woman-owned '97 Mustang Cobra
R COBRA "Our Cobra", on a '68 Shelby Cobra GT-500
REAL 1REEL 1 On a real Shelby Cobra 427 S/C
SE COBRA Special Edition Cobra
SHELBY On a Shelby Mustang or Cobra
SHLBY GT On a '68 Shelby GT-350
SIERPE Spanish word for snake. On a '66 Shelby GT-350
SNKBITE "Snakebite", on a yellow '98 Mustang Cobra convertible
SNKBITN "Snake Bitten", on a Cobra Mustang
SPTZVNM "Spits Venom", on a '95 Cobra.
SQK350 Original California Black plates on '66 Shelby GT-350 #1160, read as "Shelby Quick 350"
SSSNAKE On a '97 Cobra Mustang
SSSSSSS On a Cobra
SVT4EVR "SVT forever", for 1995-99 SVT Cobras with the letters SVT on the rear of the car
UBINBIT "You been bit", on a Mustang Cobra
UN REAL On a '65 GT-350 look-a-like
URSNKB8 "You are snake bait"
VENOMOUSVENOMUS Good on any Cobra Mustang or Cobra 427 S/C
VINOM "Venom", on a '97 Mustang Cobra
VNOMSS 1 "Venomous One", on a '94 Mustang Cobra
WHT SNK "White Snake", on a white '99 Mustang Cobra
YBLEHS "Shelby" spelled backwards

Racing/Speed Related Vanity Plates

Vanity Plate Meaning or translation
026TN4.6 "Zero to sixty in four point six" seconds, on a '97 supercharged Cobra Mustang with 4.6L engine
12CHASE "One to Chase", on a black '95 Mustang GT
1BAD302 "One Bad 302", on a blown 302 '68 coupe, 11 second car
1BD 4CYL "One Bad 4-Cylinder", on a '86 Mustang SVO
1EVIL GT "One evil Mustang GT"
1FAST7T "One Fast '70", on '70 Mustang Mach I
1HOTONE "One Hot One"
1QUIK69 "One Quick '69"
1SLW50 "One Slow 5.0", on a 11.2 ET orange '90 Mustang GT
1ST B4U "First before you"
2BOSS4U On a '70 Boss 302 Mustang that is just too Boss
2FAS4U2FAST4U2FST4U "Too fast for you"
2FAST2C "Too fast to see"
2L8ULZ "Too late, you lose"
2MCHHP "Too much horsepower"
2QWK2C "Too Quick To See", on a '70 Mustang Pro Street
4DCMNBY "Ford Comin' By"
4D RACIN "Ford Racing"
4ME2SPD "For me to speed"
55HAHA 55 (like the MPH speed limit) ha ha
65 2SLOW "65" MPH speed limit is "too slow"
8A-Z28 "Ate a Z-28"
8URVET "Ate your Corvette"
8YOBOTY "Ate Your Bowtie"; Bowtie is the Chevy symbol
BAKCRKR "Back-Cracker", as in it is so fast it will crack your back from the torque
BAD A55 23 "Bad Ass 2.3", on a green '89 Mustang with blackouts all around, two black racing stripes, and limo-tinted windows
BALISTK "Ballistic", as in a speeding bullet
BECNYA "Be seein' Ya", on a '68 Mustang
BLT2RUN "Built To Run" on a 1989 Mustang GT convertible
BLT4SPD "Built for Speed", on a modified '88 Mustang GT
BLOWN66 On a 1966 Mustang fastback with Boss 302 & 6-71 BDS Supercharger with 2 600DPS
BLOWN 99 On a 1999 Supercharged Saleen Mustang
BLUBYU "Blew by you", on a Blue Mustang LX 5.0
BLWN306 On a blown 306 Mustang
BOWTIETER "Bowtie" is the Chevy symbol, your Mustang eats Chevys
BRINGIT On a Vortech supercharged '96 Mustang GT
BRM-BRM On a '66 Mustang coupe with a 351 Cleveland in it, so it goes "Broom Broom"
BTLFED "Bottle Fed", as in fed by Nitrous
BYE BYEBUH BYE "Bye Bye", as in fast take-off
BYOFCER "Bye Officer", on a very fast '88 Mustang GT with a 351W
CATCHME "Catch Me", on a '94 Mustang GT
CCCYA "See Ya"
CHVY ETR "Chevy Eater", on a turbocharged 1995 Ford Mustang Cobra
C IT MOV "See It Move", on a 1986 Mustang GT
CLNPWR "Clean Power", on an Emissions Legal, Natural Aspiration, 11-second Mustang
CMEFLY "See Me Fly", on a '90 Mustang LX
COPTZER "Cop Teaser"
CUL8RI1 "See you later, I won" on a '98 Mustang Cobra
DONTRY "Don't Try"
EVIL 302 On a '90 351 T-trim coupe
FAST-RED Mustang Sally Alsaker has red hair and two red Mustangs, a '65 coupe and '99 convertible
FASTBLACK On a black '66 Mustang fastback
FASTRNU "Faster than you", on a Mustang LX 5.0
FASTANG "Fast 'Stang"
FSTAS50 "Fast Ass 5.0"
FSTENUF "Fast Enough", on a black 2001 Mustang
FSTRNUR "Faster than you are", on a 620HP 390 Mach I
FSTRTNLITE "Faster Than Light", on a '72 Mustang with N.O.S.
GOZFAST "Goes Fast"
GMEATRGMEATER "General Motors Eater"
GMKLN50 General Motors Killin' 5.0L Mustang
GM KLR General Motors Killer
H8 2 LUZ "Hate to Loose" on Pakman Racing's car
HEESGONE "He's Gone" from Gone In 60 Seconds after pushing Nitrous
HO-302 "High Output 302" - not a vanity plate. Rhode Island has 2 letters and 3 numbers
HOLSHTU "Hole Shot You", as in getting the hole shot in a race
HORSEPWR "Horse Power", on a '90 Mustang LX with a Paxton running mid 11's
HORSPWR "Horse Power" on a yellow '95 Mustang GT
HOSSPOWER "Horse Power", on a '95 Mustang modified @ 500HP
HOT 4RD "Hot Ford" on a Mustang
HOT BOSS On a '70 Boss 302 with a built 456HP G-code engine
I2FST4U "I'm too fast for you"
I8A4RE "I ate a Ferrari", on a '70 Mustang Mach I with a 460
I8AVETTE "I ate a Corvette"
I8AZ28 Camaro eating Mustang
I8DVET "I ate the 'Vette", on a '68 Shelby GT-500
IDAREU "I Dare You", on a '93 Mustang GT
IDAREU2 "I Dare You To"
IEATCMRO "I Eat Camaro"
ILBW8TN "I'll be waitin'" for you to catch up, on a '99 GT Special Edition
IMDBOSS "I am the Boss", on a '94 Mustang Cobra with "Boss Shinoda" graphics
IROCETR "Iroc Eater", on a 1989 Mustang GT
ITSQWIK "It's Quick", on a '89 Mustang
ITXLR8S "It accelerates!"
IWLBCNU "I Will Be Seeing You", on a '85 Mustang GT
IXLR8 "I accelerate"
KLRSTNG "Killer Stang"
KWIK 65 "Quick '65", on a 1965 K-code Mustang fastback
LO FLYN "Low Flyin'", on an Aerospace Engineer's 2001 Mustang GT.
LOWET71 Low Elapsed Time 7.1
LTRGATR "Later 'Gater"
LX PWR "LX Power", on a Mustang LX 5.0
MACHSPD "Mach Speed", on a Mach I
MADE2GO "Made to go", on a '89 Mustang GT 5.0 5 speed
MORPWR "More Power", on a white 5.0L Mustang
MOVEOVR "Move Over", on a '98 Mustang GT
MUSLCAR "Muscle Car"
MUVASID "Move Aside", I'm comin' thru! On a red '98 Mustang GT
MYGT8U "My GT ate you"
N4ARIDE "In for a ride", on a '95 Mustang GT that runs 11's in the 1/4 mile.
NASTCJ "Nasty CJ" on a 1969 Mach I 428CJ
ND4SPD "Need For Speed"
NO HIPO "No HiPo 289", for the classic Mustang 6-cylinder lover
NO LIMIT There is "No Limit" to the power
N.O.S. Nitrous Oxide Systems
NOSLO50 No Slow 5.0
NOT2FEAR "Not to fear", on a Mustang 4 Cylinder
NUKE GM On the back of '65 Shelby GT-350 vintage racer
NXX OF 55 "In Excess of 55", on a '90 Mustang LX 5.0L sport harchback
PITHOAF "Power In The Hands Of A Few", on a Saleen Mustang
PROZAK As in the anti-depressant, on a 10 second '93 Cobra Mustang
PURGE IT N.O.S. terminology
QWKR-NU "Quicker than you"
RACEME "Race Me"
RACER XRAYSER X Speed Racer's older brother Rex Racer, alias "RACER X"
RACN4FN "Racing for fun", on a '99 GT
RTRD FST "Retarded Fast", on a '84 Cobra
RUNIN U "Runnin' You". Great plate for drag racing
RUQUIKR "Are you quicker?", on a '89 Saleen Mustang
SCCA Sports Car Club of America
SEE YA "See Ya"
SHOTROD This is mainly for new, modular Mustangs who use nitrous rather than superchargers or natural aspiration
SLEEPER On a Plain-Jane 1971 Mustang with 500 hp big block
SMOKDU "Smoked You"
SMOKEU2 "Smoke You Too"
SO FAST This Mustang is "so fast"
SPEEDFRK "Speed Freak"
SSKILR Camaro "SS Killer"
STPASIDE "Step Aside"
STNGFAST Also dang fast, but "'Stang fast", on a '93 LX hatchback
TCKTME "Ticket Me"
TEMPTNU "Tempting you" to race, on a '95 black Cobra convertible
TI 3VOM Says "MOVE IT" in mirror of person in front of you
TORQUE Lots of torque in this Mustang
TRIMY69 "Try My '69", on a '69 Mach I
TRYA V8 "Try A V-8?"
TRYMETRY ME "Try Me" and watch me burn you
U LOSE "You Lose", on a Mustang GT
UGTNTHN "You got Nothin'"
UH O 5.0 On a Mustang 5.0
UR2SLOW "You are too slow"
UTRINCUTRYNC Pull beside my Mustang and "you try and see" what happens...
VET EATR On a Corvette-eating Shelby Cobra 427 S/C
VIPEEATR "Viper Eater"
VTL1180D In New York state, "VTL1180D" is the section of law for speeding, the same number you would see on a speeding ticket. Submitted by a police officer
WA 2 FST "Way to fast", on a Mustang (11.4 seconds at 120+ street legal!)
WHOZNEXT "Who's Next?", on a yellow nitrous '89 Mustang GT
WHYTRY "Why Try?", on a '68 Mustang coupe
WIPLASH Took off so fast almost got whiplash, on a '88 GT
WNNARCE "Wanna Race?"
WS6KILR "WS6 (Trans Am) Killer"
XCESSIV "Excessive", on a custom '67 Tripower six-cylinder Mustang coupe
XCLER8 "Accelerate", on a Mustang
XLR8R "Accelerater"
XS PWR "Excess Power", on a 495hp 428CJ classic roadster Cobra
YGOSLOW "Why go slow?", on a '88 Mustang GT
Y TRY "Why Try?"
YUD LUZ Go ahead and try, but "You'd Lose"
Z20WHAT On a '93 Mustang GT hatchback -- takes on a new meaning if GM kills the Z28
Z28 HAHA Laughing at the Camaro
Z28KILR "Z28 Killer"
Z EATR "Z28 Eater"
ZOOMBYU "Zoom By You" on a '96 Cobra Mustang
ZR WHAT On a Mustang that does not fear a ZR-1 Corvette

Other Mustang Related Vanity Plates

Vanity Plate Meaning or translation
14U2NV "One For You To Envy"
169-302 Vintage 1969 plate on a Boss 302
1966 GT1967GT On a '66 or '67 Mustang GT
1970BOSS On a 1970 Boss
1993 GT On a 1993 Mustang GT
1993 LX On a 1993 Mustang LX
1AUSM66 "One awesome '66" Mustang
1BAD73 "One bad '73" Mustang
1FINE69 "One Fine '69" Mustang
1 GD RYD "One Good Ride", on a black '97 Mustang GT convertible
1GR8BOSS "One Great Boss", on a Boss Mustang
1GT2NVGT2NV "One GT to envy", on a '98 black Mustang GT
1 HIPO On a HiPo 289 K-code Mustang
1OFAFEW "One of a few", on a '65 Mustang GT convertible with bench seat
1STANG "One Mustang", on a '70 Mustang coupe
1TUF70 "One Tough '70" Mustang
289ACODE "289 A-code", on a Mustang with the 289-4V 225HP engine
2BAV8 "To Be a V8"
2EXKWSIT "Too Exquisite", on a red Ford Mustang
2RARE2C "Too Rare To See" on a rare Mustang
2WILDGT "Too Wild GT", on a red '65 Mustang GT
2YLD4U "Too wild for you"
351C300 On a stock '70 Mach I with 351 Cleveland, 300HP
351 CJ On a 351 Cobra Jet powered '73 Mustang convertible
351P51 On a '68 Mustang coupe with a 351W engine
35 STANG On a white '99 35th Anniversary Mustang convertible Special Edition
390 GTCS On a 1968 390 GT California Special Mustang
3RDWISH "Third Wish" - Save your best wish for last! On a Canary Yellow '94 GT Mustang
3WYT93 "3 white '93", on a triple white Limited Edition Mustang convertible
428CJ On a 428 Cobra Jet powered Mustang
428RRRR On a 428CJ R-code tire burner
4RD FAN "Ford Fan"
4U2NV "For you to envy"
4VROLLR "4V Roller", on a '85 Mustang GT, the only year for the 4V carbed, roller-lifter 5.0L motor in a Mustang
5-04SHOW A 5.0 just for show
50 HAULR On a Ford F-250 that tows a '89 Mustang LX 5.0L drag car
5OHH On a 5.0L Mustang
5 0 HO "5 Liter High Output"
5 UTTOHHH On a 5.0L Mustang
60SBABY "Sixties Baby", on a '69 Mustang Mach I
60SIX On a 1966 Mustang
64HALF On a '64½ Mustang
65BLUES On a '65 "F" color code (light blue) Mustang coupe
65 GOLD On a Honey Gold 1965 Mustang convertible
65 K On a '65 K-code 289 HiPo Mustang coupe
65KCAR On a '65 non-GT K-code Mustang coupe
65 K GT On a '65 K-code GT Mustang fastback
66MUSTG On a 1966 Mustang
67 289 On a Candy Apple Red '67 Mustang with a 289 purring up front
67GTAFE On a 1967 Mustang GTA fastback with a FE 390
67 U4EA "'67 Euphoria!"
69,ER On a '69 Mustang coupe in Western Australia
69FSTBK On a '69 Mustang fastback
69MACH On a 1969 Mach I Mustang
6F07K GT On a Dearborn built HiPo Mustang GT coupe
6T9 428 On a '69 Candy Apple Red Mach I with a 428 engine
6T9BOSS On a 1969 Boss Mustang
70-428 On a '70 Mach I with 428CJ
70BOSS On a '70 Boss Mustang
70MACH1 On a '70 Mach I Mustang
70MCODE On a 1970 Mustang with M-code 351 Cleveland engine
70 SCJ On a '70 428 Super Cobra Jet Mustang
70 STANG On a 1970 Mustang
73MACH On a 1973 Mustang Mach I
73STANG On a 1973 Mustang convertible
79 INDY On a '79 Mustang Indianapolis 500 pacecar
7T RAG On a '70 Mustang convertible (rag top)
82BOSS On a 1982 Mustang GT "Boss 302"
85-0060 On Jeff Knott's '85 Saleen Mustang I.D. # 85-0060
8NT NOV8 "Ain't No V-8", on a 1984 Mustang SVO
90 ASCMC On a '90 ASC McLaren Ford Mustang Convertible
93 COBR On a '93 Cobra Mustang
93COUPE On a '93 Mustang LX 5.0 coupe
9428 "69 428". Not a vanity plate, just luck of the draw.
98BOSS On a 1998 Boss Mustang
9T2PT5 "Ninety Two Point Five", on a '92½ Vibrant Red Limited Edition Mustang LX convertible
A50 4ME "A 5.0 for me"
A68FB A '68 Fastback
A692NV "A '69 to Envy"
B4OPEC "Before OPEC"
BAC N 70 As in "Being back in 1970", on a '70 Mach I
BADCO-1 "Bad Company" on '76 Mustang II. They have 4 Mustangs and each is named Bad Company then #
BAD P51 As in the P-51 Mustang World War II fighter airplane
BG TYMR 1 "Big Timer" - Mustangs are the big time!
BITCHN65 On a single-owner '65 289 Mustang coupe
BLACKKNIGHT On a '94 Mustang LX hatchback with black and white stripes
BLKMAGKBLK MGIC "Black Magic", on a black '99 Mustang coupe
BLKSNSH "Black Sunshine", on a triple black '94 Mustang GT convertible. Also Black Sunshine Black Sunshineis a White Zombie song about a Mustang
BLU-OVL "Blue Oval", as in the Ford blue oval logo
BLUHAZE On a '67 Blue and White Mustang
BOSSBOSS 302BOSS 351BOSS 429 On a Boss Mustang
BOSSPWR "Boss Power", on a '70 Boss 302
BOWDOWN You are supposed to kneel when greatness enters, on a 1997 Saleen
BULLITT On a '68 Mustang GT-390 fastback, like in the movie "Bullitt" with Steve McQueen
BUTHONEY The first words out of my mouth when the wife says I can't buy another Mustang!
C5ZZ GT From Ford part numbering, on a '65 Mustang GT fastback
C7ZZ From Ford part numbering, on a '67 Mustang convertible
C7ZZ 289 From Ford part numbering, on a '67 Mustang with a 289 V-8
C9ZZ63A From Ford part numbering, on a '69 Mustang
CJET 428 On a '69 Mach I with a 428 Cobra Jet
COUPE 66 On a '66 Mustang coupe
CUCUI KooKooey, Spanish word for boogeyman. On a black '65 Mustang GT fastback
CU LUKN "See You Looking", on a white '98 Mustang convertible with light bar
DADS6T5 "Dad's '65" Mustang
DNGRZNE "Dangerzone", from Top Gun, on a 1992 Mean Green Saleen
DRAGPK On a 1970 Boss 302 Dragpak
DUTCH66 Owner is Dutch and he and his car were born in 1966
DVLNBLU "Devil in Blue", on a '67 Mustang driven by a little devil
FASTBACK On a '69 Boss 302 Fastback
FB2SXY4U My "Fastback is too sexy for you"
FE GT On a FE big block 390 '67 Mustang GT
FIVEO 91 On a '91 Mustang LX 5.0L
FLHT 302 "Flight 302", as in the flight of an airplane and the 302 engine
FLN GRVY "Feelin' Groovy". On a '65 vintage burgandy Mustang. From Simon and Garfunkle's 59th Street Overture.
FOR GALS R. K. Malick has 4 daughters and a '69 Mustang GT convertible; plate has a double meaning
FORD Good on any Ford product
FORD 01 Ford Number 1
FRD Y ZR 2 Ford wizer two
FUN FORD Fords are fun
G1987T On a 1987 Mustang GT
GCODE On a '70 Boss 302 with G-code engine
GETA 4RD "Get A Ford"
GLDNGT "Gold Nugget", on a gold '68 Mustang
GO-TPLS "Go Topless", on a '88 LX convertible
GOT 69 "Got '69?", on a 1969 Mustang (like the "Got Milk?" commercials)
GR8OL68 "Great Ol' '68", on a '68 Mustang coupe
GR8RIDE "Great Ride"
GRABBER On a '70 Grabber edition Mustang fastback
GRV STNG "Groove 'Stang", groovin' in my Mustang
GT 2 NV "GT to envy" on a '94 Mustang GT
GT 4MICK "GT For Mick", on Mickey Skamangas' GT
GT LOCO Crazy about his GT Mustang
GT SALLY On a Mustang GT
GT SAVER On a 1980 GHIA daily driver that saved miles on a 1993 Mustang GT
GTS GT "GT's GT", on Greig Tooley's 1996 Mustang GT convertible (his initials are GT)
H8 D Z28 "Hate the Z28" Camaro
HALF 64 On a '64½ Mustang convertible
HAVE652 "Have '65 Too"
HAWAI50 "Hawaii five-0" on a Hawaii-born Mustang owner's 5.0
HCS-GT On a '66 High Country Special GT Mustang
HEMI429 On a Boss 429
HER 66 On a modified '66 Mustang convertible
HERBOSS On a Boss 302 Mustang
HIPO V8 On a HiPo 289 K-code Mustang
HP 429 HP429 is cast in on Boss 429 engine blocks. On a '69 Boss 429
HRTBETR "Heart-beater" as in Chevy's slogan "Heartbeat of America"
HWYSTAR "Highway Star"
I4GOT What was his plate number? "I forgot"
I8D TOP "I ate the top", on a '88 Mustang GT 5.0 convertible
ICULOOK "I see you look" on a '99 Saleen convertible
ICULQN "I see you lookin'"
II GOOD "Too Good", on a '77 Mustang II Ghia
IM 2BZ 4U "I'm Too Busy For You" on a red '95 Mustang convertible
IM HIP 2 On a 99 black Mustang convertible, Hip car and owners last name is "Hipple"
IM RARE On a 1969 Boss 429, 1 of 60 painted red
ISTANGU "I stang you"
ITSA68 How many times have you been asked "What year is it?"
ITSA6T6 "It's a '66". People still ask what year it is.
ITSA7T "It's a '70" on a 1970 Mustang
ITS BLU On a 2000 Atlantic Blue Mustang coupe
JEFS 428 "Jeff's 428" on his '69 R-code
JJZ 109 This was the plate on Steve McQueen's '68 GT-390 Mustang fastback in the movie "Bullitt"
JOZ GT "Jo's GT", on Joanne Gleeson's Mustang GT
KAOS On a '66 K-code 289 HiPo Mustang GT convertible, whose restoration was chaotic!
KCODE 66 On a '66 K-code 289 HiPo Mustang coupe
KENS 65 On Ken Olsen's 1965 Mustang
KENS K On Ken Olsen's K-code HiPo Mustang
KILRBEE "Killer Bee", on a yellow '99 GT convertible with black top
L8 98 Late model '98
LAST 5-0 On a '95 Mustang GT, which was the last year for the 5.0L (302) engine
LIL50HO Little 5.0 High Output
LIL NUG "Little Nugget", on a gold 2000 Mustang
LILSVO "Little SVO", on a '84 Mustang SVO
LIMTD84 On a Limited Edition '84 20th Anniversary Mustang
LIV2RYD I "Live to Ride" my '73 Mustang
LMTD ED Limited Edition
LOSTAGN "Lost Again" - for the person behind me to read
LOW SVO On a lowered '86 Mustang SVO
LQQKNLO "Lookin' Low", on a very lowered white Mustang 5.0 LX (the "Q's" look like eyes looking down)
LST4BBL "Last 4 Barrel", on a carburated 4-barrel '85 Mustang GT
LTD ED 99 On a Limited Edition '99 35th Anniversary Mustang GT
LUSTANG Lust after this Mustang
MACH On a Mach I Mustang
MACH 70 On a '70 Mach I Mustang
MACHMAN On a '69 Mach I Mustang
MACH ME On a '71 Mach I Mustang
MI69TOI "My '69 Mach 1 Toy"
MIL1ION One in a Million
MONYPITMNY PIT "Money Pit", or what some of our spouses call our Mustangs
MR GDTUL "Mr. Goodtool", similar to Mr. Goodwrench
MSSTANG "Ms. Mustang"
MSTGSLY "Mustang Sally"
MSTNG94 On a 1994 Mustang
MSTNG LUVR "Mustang Lover"
MT NEST "Empty Nest" on a '99 Mustang GT convertible
MUS 66MUST 66 "Mustang '66"
MUSTY Musty Mustang, so fast it stinks!
MY 50 LX "My 5.0 LX" Mustang
MY 50 HO "My 5.0L High Output" Mustang
MY 684D "My '68 Ford", on a '68 Mustang fastback
MY BABY For any pampered Mustang
MY-GT On a yellow '99 Mustang GT, formerly on a '95 GT
MY GT 65 On a Candy Apple Red 1965 Mustang GT HiPo fastback
MYLILV6 "My Little V6" on a V6 powered Mustang
MY MACH1 On a 1969 Mach I
MY P-51 As in the P-51 Mustang World War II fighter airplane
MYSTANG This is "My 'Stang"
NO4N TOY "No Foreign Toy"
NO 5 0 "No 5.0" in a '84 Mustang SVO
NO EKG "No Heartbeat" as in NO to Chevy's slogan "Heartbeat of America"
NOGM4ME "No General Motors For Me"
NO SHLB On a white '65 Mustang fastback with blue LeMans stripes that everyone asks "Is it a Shelby?"
NOTOP 65 "No Top '65", on a '65 Mustang convertible
NT4SALE "Not For Sale", on a '68 Mustang fastback
NVNURII "Envy In Your Eyes"
NYURFACE "In Your Face", on a '67 Candy Apple Red Mustang
OLDTEK On a Shelby Cobra 427 S/C
OPEN UP On a '70 Mustang convertible
P-51 As in the P-51 Mustang World War II fighter airplane
PINKIE On a Playboy Pink '66 Mustang coupe
PJ-71 Priscilla Johnson's '71 Mustang convertible
PLAYM8 "Playmate", on a Hot Pink '65 Mustang convertible
POLS GT On Polly's 2001 Mustang GT coupe (50th Birthday Present)
POOHS66 On "Pooh Bear's" (nickname) '66 Mustang
R-42870 "Our 428 1970" Mustang
R64HALF "Our '64½", on a '64½ Mustang
R 65 GT "Our '65 GT", on a '65 Mustang GT fastback
R BOSS "Our Boss", on a '70 Boss 302
RARE4D "Rare Ford", on a 4-cylinder turbo
RARE HC "Rare High Country Special", on a '68 HCS Mustang
RD DOGS 50 "RedDog's 5.0"
REDNV "Red Envy"
RESET On a fully restored (hence reset) 1968 Mustang
RIDETHS "Ride This", on a '96 Mystic Cobra, supercharged with 16+ PSI
R SCJ 69 On a '69 R-code Super Cobra Jet Mach I
RUNVSRUNVUS "Are You Envious?"
SALEEN On a Saleen Mustang
SALEN ON "Sailin' On", on a '92 Saleen Mustang
S AND M On Shon and Michelle's Mustang
S CODE 67 On '67 GT convertible with an S-code 390 engine
SEXE66 On a "Sexy '66" Candy Apple Red Mustang
SGRPLUM On a '97 Mustang GT coupe, deep violet, sweet pony
SHINODA On Jim Klok's '94 Cobra Shinoda Mustang
SPOOKU Scary 5.0, isn't it?
SPRINT On Art Dammers' '67 S-code fastback that he had to sell three Falcon Sprints to buy
SS WHAT Super Sport What?
STANG 3 On Ivan Roberts' '95 Cobra. His dad has "STANG 1" on his '65 and "STANG 2" on his '92, and his brother has "STANG 4" on his '94 Mustang.
STANG66 On a '66 Mustang
STANG68 On a '68 Mustang
STANGIT Just a way of expressing my feelings about Mustangs...
STANGME Got the idea from the Black Crowes song "Sting Me". In the song he actually says "Stang Me"
STNG4ME "Mustang for me!", on a '89 GT
STNGDADY 'Stang Daddy
STNSTANG "Stan's 'Stang", on Stan Edington's Mustang
STRUTIN It means I'm struttin' around in my 88 Mustang 5.0 GT
STUNG On a yellow 2000 GT Convertible Mustang with black GT stripes hood and side scoops and black Mustang lettering on the rear bumper
SUNKIST On a Grabber Orange '69 Shelby GT-500 convertible
SUNNY On a yellow Mustang
SWTBBY "Sweet Baby", on a silver '66 Mustang coupe
TASCA+ TASCA Ford of Providence, Rhode Island. On a '87 LX-5.0
THISLDU "This Will Do", on Don Brewer's '89 ASC McLaren Mustang, S/N 085
THRILCKR "Thrill Seeker", on a '92 Mustang LX with a 460 big block
TOP 65 On a 1965 Mustang convertible
TOPLESS On a Mustang convertible
TOPLUS1 "Topless One", on a '94 Yellow Mustang GT convertible
TPLES "Topless", on a '95 Mustang Cobra convertible
TTTTTT8 On a '68 Mustang (note there are six T's)
TUFF72 "Tough '72", on a '72 Mustang Mach I
TYMWRP "Time Warp", on a '67 Mustang GTA fastback
UNDEAD On a '65 Mustang fastback that was dead, but now it is of the living dead, a zombie, it is dead no more...
USA FE "American Iron"
V6STANGV8STANG Let them know how many cylinders your Mustang engine has
WANT2RD "Want to Ride?"
WAS HIZ It's not his any more!
WLD TANG "Wild `tang", as in "Wild Mustang" or like the song "Wild Thing"
WRENS4D On David Wren's Ford
XTCNAGT "Ecstasy in a GT"
Y2KGT On a 2000 Mustang GT
Y2K GT R On a 2000 Mustang GT, Red
YELONO5 "Yellow #5", on a yellow 5.0 '95 Mustang GT
YLSTANG "Wild Stang", just a twist using YL for Wild
YLW BOSS "Yellow Boss", on a Grabber Yellow '70 Boss 302 Mustang
ZZZ 351 The 351 engine to rest

Can't you get original '67 plates somewhere? I got a set of unused ones at a junk shop and I know I've seen them at shows. I think that's the coolest.

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Saw a gorgeous blonde driving a yellow corvette - repeatedly during commuting.

License plate 6ULDV8
(sexual deviate) - I couldn't believe she got that through the DMV.

You're just jealous because the voices only talk to me!!!
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