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I'm starting to reinstall my interior and I'm worried about how to cut the interior quarter panels to fit around the rollbar (where it bolts to the interior wheelwell). Does anyone with a rollbar have any tips for how to go about doing this?

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I cut most of my clearance holes by mounting the panel in the drill press with an appropriate sized holesaw and the panel angled similar to its position in the car...or, if the panel was part of the car, such as the dash or cowl, I carefully marked the postition of the prospective chassis tube and used a holesaw in a portable drill to make the hole, egg-shaping it if necessary with a die grinder and carbide bit...

If the panel has to slide around the rollbar tube, slotting it to fit and then making a cover panel to cover the slot would be in order...this can look quite sanitary and stock if carefully done...
I've made the end hole with a holesaw and the slot with a saber saw.

If you could share a picture of the end location and the panel position, I might be able to help further.

I've only done panel work on race cars so may not be familiar with the location you describe since roll bar and cage members usually attach to subframes and chassis members on race car chassis...


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I don't have any advice at all on the rollbar, but I just wanted to comment on your steel rear seat divider article on your website. I thought it was very well done, and I liked the fact that you mentioned the upper shock mounts. I think there are a lot of people who wouldn't consider that fact unless you had pointed it out. Keep up the good work!


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I am in the middle same of the same process in my '70 Mach.
It's just like camachinist says. Just be sure to measure your rollbar locations carefully. Remember, measure twice and cut once.
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