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CVMC Meeting Pictures! - June 15, 2002

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Howdy all!

Greeting from the Chicago Vintage Mustang Club! (CVMC)

I finally got around to uploading the pics from my camera from this past

We met at the cruise night in Lombard, Illinois.

As you can see, there was a good turnout from the local Mustang owners, and
quite a variety too.

The pictures can be found at the following website:

Thanks again to everyone who came!

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The pictures look great!
Now I can prove to SWMBO that I really was there! ;-)
Thanks again for all your work,,,,

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Awesome. Looks like you had a nice turnout AND had nice weather. It seems almost criminal that many of you guys in the mid-west can only drive your Mustangs half the year or less. By the way, I noticed Shaummy's ride is conspicuously absent....what gives? /forums/images/icons/smile.gif

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I think Shaummy should answer that question himself. His car wasn't there
because he wan't there either.

Hey Shaummy! Are you there? Hello?

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