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Daily Drivers?

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How many of you guys drive your car as a daily driver? By that I mean it is the only car you drive not matter rain or shine.
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I posted this exact question a while back...a couple times! And I can say I'm once again a card-carrying member of the daily-driver club!

Rain or shine, the fastback is my ride. It'll see even more duty after I install rear seat belts so I can transport my 2-year old to pre-school in the fall. We do have a family truckster; and I'll admit to using it when I need to attend a meeting not dripping with sweat; but I still consider the '66 to be my personal transportation. I suppose when I finally get that a/c installed, I'll have no excuses.

I recently had the heads rebuilt and have installed a heavy-duty cooling system. I have no reason to think my 36-year old car is any less dependable that a newer one. Never been happier!
Was. I couldn't handle the visions of rust everytime a raindrop hit. Now it's a non-rain daily driver.

Currently my 67 coupe is in the shop get finalization on exterior body work and paint, but when she is done she will be my daily driver until one of us drives no
Just got mine back from the body shop (again), and it is returning to "daily driver" status post haste.
My one and only, come rain or shine.
sLime's going every day to work and errands. AC goes in soon, so that'll help! /forums/images/icons/tongue.gif
Mom drove it everywhere for thirty years, I figure its earned a rest, I put a thousand or so a year on it.
I drive my vert everyday rain or shine. I drive to clients offices, to club meetings, board meetings, shows, cruises etc. I'm even comfortable with the new 3.55:1 rear gears and the engine whirring at 3400. I have made a couple of 100 mile round trips in the Texas heat with the A/C blowing with no trouble. In addition to the A/C I have power disc brakes which help with your braking and confidence level in traffic. Also, I have a top, windows, and a cowl that doesn't leak. I'll be adding Power Steering in the near future to help with those tight parking spots. My only complaint about the car is the single speed wipers which are slightly less than helpful in a good rain storm (I'll upgrade to 2speed eventually.)

I love it and really can't imagine driving anything else.

BTW, I have agreed value insurance with State Farm that lets me drive the car 7500 miles per year.
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Im a daily driver as well... I dont want it to be though hehe
That's the reason I bought mine. Almost everyday it's out and about.
Yup, drive everyday that I have to. It's my only vehicle and probably will be for awhile. I cringe when it rains thou. Which of course seems to be about half the time.
My '66 is my daily driver, my son's '65 is his daily driver, and my daughter's '69 is her daily driver. If it rains ... we drive them anyway or stay home *LOL*.

Fortunately, we don't have to worry about snow, though.
that is great to hear. I drove mine everyday and night when I was in High School. When I done restoring it. I plan to drive it rain or shine.
Although it's not a daily driver now, it was for the first 15 years I owned it.
Must be nice to not live in the snow-belt states. /forums/images/icons/frown.gif

When I first got my '65 (pristine condition) it was my daily driver, but it didn't take too well to winter driving on salty roads. It started rusting pretty badly, so we took it off the road for a couple of winters, got some bodywork & paint done on it, then had to drive it daily year 'round again for one more year. That really did it in... since then it has been re-quartered on the back driver's side and had LOTS of rust repair done.

After getting it fixed up again once and for all... there's no way I'll be driving it daily even in the nice summer months. The '68 High Country Special we had was also a daily driver until it got hit hard in the passenger door - pretty much making it U-shaped. It never was quite right after that even after getting the frame pulled and all redone. I see wrecks on a regular basis on my daily commute to my job in downtown Des Moines. I figure after 37 years, my '65 deserves an easier life. /forums/images/icons/smile.gif
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It's not my only car (I've got 3 and at times I've had 4) but I drive it several times per week, averaging 5000 miles per year for the 2 years I've owned it. Does that count?
The roads and drivers around Detroit are wicked and I like my cars to much to subject them to that kind of abuse
I drive mine rain or shine. I have another that is a fair weather driver.
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