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Dalorzof (R.I.P) Convertible top bible.

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New member here.
I am at the final straight of a long 67 Convertible restoration and all that remains is the convertible top. I have completely disassembled the frame, powder coated it and fitted new bushings etc and am now in the final throws of adjusting it as best as possible before fitting the top.

I have google searched for some information on these convertible tops and the aforementioned gentlemans name regularly appears. Unfortunately I see he is sadly no longer with us. It's rather ironic that I actually know one of his friends in Brisbane but never got to speak with Richard himself.

However, I understand that he wrote quite a massively in depth guide to the convertible tops and graciously made it available to any that required it.

So I respectfully ask that if anyone should have a copy on file would they please forward me a copy. It may be able to get me out of a sticky situation and I'd truly appreciate it.

If a donation to a cancer fund is required I'd be more than willing having lost my late wife to that terrible disease.

Thank you.
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