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Damn kids!

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I was nice in Atlanta all weekend so I took the kids to baseball with the top down. We had a couple of strays (my boys best firiends) that spent the weekend with us. My boys know better than to stand on the seats and kick the seat backs and throw stuff out when we are moving. Not so, these guys.

After lecturing these kids on the way home, the oldest boy throws open the door and hits my wifes Merecedes and puts a nice little ding in it. As he step out of the car, he knocks the rocker panel cover off. Like a bull in a China shop

Jeez. Never again.

J. Boggs
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Kids aren't tought the meaning of the word respect anymore. They don't respect anything that isn't theirs if they even still respect their own stuff!!

I feel for you. Whatever the car however big or small the damage, I get completely furious. Ok, it is bound to happen to my stang as well when it has just gotten it's new paint, it's life! But boy can life be hard on you sometimes!

I'd have made them walk I think.....


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What a rip. One way to prevent this anxiety is to do the following. Upon completion of your restoration take a rat tail comb and punch a hole in your upholstery exactly where you want a hole. Then smear mud on the back of the seats exactly where you want mud smears. Then scuff up the dash and door panels exactly where you want them scuffed. Now, the grand finale. Take a left over door from your donor car and use it to put three or four well placed door dings in each side of your car. Presto... the magnetic idiots that are drawn to do these things to your car will not be drawn because it has already been done. Thus you have control of the situation. Thoughtless, careless and imprudent people are slugs.

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