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'69 Mustang coupe...331, Fox / Explorer EFI, TK3550, MDL, SoT, TCP, Fays2 Watts, 94-04 Cobra discs
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word up ya'll,

finally got my ride back on the wheels again. still needs lots of tlc but we are no longer riding cinder blocks...woo hoo!!

i have discovered several obsolete parts on my ride. ('69 stang coupe)...i need to get ahold of the gasket/molded boot that seals the bottom of the steering column to the inside firewall. this part is rubber and molded so it doesn't look like i could fabricate one. ALSO...i need the bearing or whatever it is the fits in the end of the steering column. the only piece i have of it is a thin plastic ring that fits inside the inner tube of the column. i can't find any part numbers in my shop manuals or any of the mail order catalogs that i use. i don't even know what this thing really looks like, as i only have half of it!! anybody with a 69 fixed column out there have any idea what i am talking about and where i might find these little jokers?

for now i am just putting it all back together and if i don't find one of these things soon, i'll just check out parts swaps and look for it there.

pertinent info: 1969 Mustang coupe, 302 V8, C4 auto, fixed column, power steering

ASIDE: i thought about getting a bushing cut out of aluminum or bronze instead of that lover column bushing/bearing...any thoughts here?...OD 1 5/8"...ID 1"...thickness of say about 1/2 to 3/4"...

thanks ya'll.


Hey Nate, Ricer language is not allowed on the VMF! ;>) Got an NPD catalog? Look under the steering box section. I have an older catalog here and it has Bearing assy. Steering column tube. for 67-73 PN 3517-4 Not sure if it is an upper or lower, but they have a lot of parts listed for the column. Call NPD in Charlotte at 704-331-0900 or 800-368-6451 and ask for John Brooks. tell his Scott Smith from Columbia, SC sent you to him. He's been a real good guy to deal with each and every time I call for an order. But remember, NPD sells GM parts too, so they're not going to know Mustangs like we do here!
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