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Okay, I'm giving up for today. I took off the door panels, lubed the tracks, and changed the weatherstripping, and both door windows are working well now. I took off the quarter panels, and started trying to lube the tracks, only to discover that the rollers were broken on the passenger side. I replaced with ones I had, only to break one trying to get the dang things in the tracks. The driver side only needed lubing. Three out of four isn't bad. I'll have to order more rollers, and try again some other day. The boy is amazed at how simple it is to dismantle the coupe, and also that it is essential to mutter cusswords while you do it.


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You got the right idea, walk away today, come back the next day and I bet those quarter windows will work with you. Been in this situation many of times. The next day always goes easier, plus it saves you alot of aggravation.
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