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Dash Color thoughts. - Interior or Exterior White

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OK, I might be able to get to the point of painting my dash this week.

I am changing the color of the car from Aqua to White. The Aqua is butt ugly in my opinion.

I will change the interior color to two tone blue/white. Not exactly a pony interior, but two tone. The exterior will be Wimbledon White (how appropriate this week). White is the original color of the car, but its currently dull blue/grey pearl.

I have already purchased rattle can white from NPD, but now I'm thinking I will get a bettter job if I use a spray gun and the Wimbledon White I have already sprayed in the trunk looks pretty good. Also, with all the dash trim off, you can see the original white exterior where its sprayed on the top of the dash. Its a nice color.

This car is a restomod, so originally isn't an issue. I also have 1988 Mustang seats in blue. I will be putting in 3 point seat belts. I think I will try my hand at custom door panels as well. Maybe full vinyl interior on the doors.