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Ok I pulled the dash cluster to try and fix a little speedometer problem, but I discovered I'm going to need a whole new speedo cable. So I put everything back together until I can get a cable, but then my temperature gauge wasn't working, so I pulled the cluster again and saw that the temp sending wire got pulled from the temp gauge.

I guess I pulled it out a little too much. So now how do I get that wire back in? I can't really see how to remove the housing from that back of the 'Auto Gage' brand gauges.

The temp sending wire is inside of a large spring like wire caseing. Are the gauge and wire all one piece or what? There is a nut on the back of the gauge where the temp sending wire housing attaches, I loosened it some but all that seemed to do was make the whole gauge face loose inside the cluster. I wasn't able to get the nut all the way off because of the hack job the PO did of putting the aftermarket gauges in and also a thunderstorm was barreling in so it cut my garage time short. If I remove that nut all the way will the temp sending wire disconnect from the guage?

Oh well maybe I'll get a chance to work on it next week. Just a bummer when you try to fix something and break something else. Old cars are fun right?... riiiiight

Any help or encouragment is appreciated!
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