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Dash lights are not working on my 'new' ride. Started looking around last night and found that the connectors going from the lights are hanging loose (near the firewall). Their mate seems to be missing. I have a detailed wiring diagram, but the wiring doesn't seem to match at this point. The diagram shows one blue/red wire where I have 4. What to do next? I'm near Detroit and would gladly pay to have this back is killing me this morning.


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I'm no expert here, but I think mines the same as yours. It appears as though the blue/red wires right behind the dash come together before the twelve terminal gang-plug. There's an auxilliary female blue/red unattached atop the fuse panel that I believe must be for a lower console which I don't have.

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This is what I did....I bought one of those screwdrivers that lights up when you touch it to a 12V power source. I poked it around until I found the wire (Blue/ red stripe) that got power to it when I turned the dashlights on. This wire would be the one to supply power to the dash. Now I would find similar colored wires, check to make sure NO power came to them when the switch turned on, then connected them to the power wire...This caused me to find my dashlights, which the PO had cut when he took out the original radio to install his, which he took out before I bought the car.....

I hope this made some sense, if you have anymore questions, you can email me or post here....Good luck..

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