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Dash lights redo/help

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Hi, I have a standard dash on my 68 coupe. And my dash lights are very poor and suck. When idling they are worse, then when going 50, they are a bit more visable. But still if I where to try to get more brightness out of them how? Led or stay with flouresent or other options? What about the little plastic covers that in front of them? And next the rheostat, maybe I could try to clean? It’s very touchy, and then could the rheostat cause some of my issues for poor dash lights?
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Also if you're bulbs get brighter with acceleration then your charging system probably isn't up to snuff.
Brand new alternator, regulator and battery. Also
Color is a little off in the picture, but they look great/factory View attachment 875247
Very bright and nice and even in all the gauges. We put on the idea list.
LED is definitely the way to go.
I prefer the dimmable type but they're not essential.
Try contacting @gtonavy on VMF or
Also thanks for idea I’ll check out everyone’s and put a list together
LED is definitely the way to go.
I prefer the dimmable type but they're not essential.
Try contacting @gtonavy on VMF or
I also sent him a message
I struggled to find some LED bulbs with the BA9S base (1895 bulb) that fit well into the stock sockets in my gauge cluster.

I ordered some from and they sucked, fell right out of the sockets. The base of one actually collapsed in due to the strength of the stock socket springs.

I ended up getting these from and they fit pretty darn well! I've fumbled around with the dash multiple times and they haven't fallen out.

I got the warm white color and used them with the factory green tint in the gauge cluster. The brightness is a lot better than stock but not blinding.
View attachment 875262

You can get dorman replacement sockets (P/N 85805) that fit LED bulbs better (even the superbrightleds that didn't work with the stock sockets), but I found the dorman sockets are missing a spring in the base to puts pressure between the bottom contact and bulb. You could probably cut little pieces of a spring to add to them though.
Dumb question, are your current dash setup lights dim-able?
A lot of options here. Im just looking through them all . Personally I think to have a dimmable option would be the nice route. They all look good too
Coincidentally, I was just working on my 66 rally pac bulbs this weekend. I switched over to green on the dash, a while back, and used the following bulbs with an opaque bulb cover...
I purchased them like that to diffuse the light a bit. That pack will also service the radio and shifter bulbs on a 66 of which are pictured below.

For posterity, I used these bulbs for the Scott Drake rally pac that are quite a bit brighter and make the rally pac really pop.
View attachment 875267
Kinda leaning towards the Amazon ones, they have a lot of good reviews about people with classic cars
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