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dash switches

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is there a trick to getting the switches out of the dash on a `66.
i thought the bezel would just unscrew, but it doesn`t seem to be coming off
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Yes. Each switch has it's own special routine for removal. The owner's manual details how to do each one. Highly recommend that you buy the owner's manual.
Which switch are you trying to remove? IF you let me know I try to type out the routine for you. or if you have a fax number I can fax you the info. If you let me know soon I 'll do it tonight....if not tomorrow.
1) Ignition: after removing the cylinder, unplug the wire plug and disconnect wires from the back. Push the switch forward, and turn 1/8 turn CCW (Kind of like the taillight bulbs are removed)

2) Headlight switch: Pull out on the knob, depress the button on the bottom of the switch, and pull knob out of the switch. Insert special tool (or LARGE phillips screwdriver into cross-shaped hole and unscrew, holding the switch in place in the back. (about 6-8 turns)

3) Wiper switch: remove knob by loosening allen screw at base, push and turn (similar to #1)

Hope this helps. After several years, these are very hard to get out (the ignition especially).

i have them all out except the headlights. where is the button located? i see nothing on the knob, so it must be under the dash?
i have a shop manual (big orange book), but there is no referance to switch removal that i can find
i also have a Chilton.
when you say owners manual, do you mean the one that came with the car?
thank you, i have them all except the lights, and i figured i better take 5 before i earn a doofus
There's a button inside the dash, towards the steering wheel. You push on it with the knob out to headlamps, the knob pulls out, then the bezel, and the assembly comes right out.
Midlife got it right. On some the button is white plastic, on others, it is metal. Pull the knob out to headlights on, push in on the button (right behind the Metal spacer to the dash). A good tug, and the HL knob and shaft should come out, then unscrew the bezel.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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