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Do these cars have dashboards or just dash pads? The parts catalogs that I have seen offer dash pads. Someone told me that to replace the dash we would have to take out the windshield?
Is there any way to find out how bad my cowl is? Besides pouring water? What all is involved in changing it?
Obviously I have a lot to learn about these cars. I love reading all of the information here. (even if it takes me a while to figure out what you guys are talking about. Like the Monte Carlo Bar. I thought it was a monte carlo sway bar :} opps. Does any one know why they call it a monte carlo bar?
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u can check ur cowl by pulling the heater on the passenger side and by pulling the air vent on the driver side. then u should be able to see whats up. pouring water is probaly the best way though. after u pull that u can patch it up with a plastic hat repair kit. or pull the windshield and fenders, drill all the spot welds and pull the top of the cowl off, then u can use a repair panel. or get a good cowl off a parts car and thow it in. the choice is urs. i did the plastic hat thing and so far its working good. ill probaly do it the right way next time, but its my daily driver and i needed something quick.

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To replace the dash/pad, you do not have to remove the windshield. You have to do some major work to your cowl to fix water leaks. They do not remove as compared to the 69 and later cars.
The dash board itself is metal, and welded into the car ... probably not something you'll be replacing unless going full concourse and have a butchered dash now. The dash pad is a very simple installation (pad is available at all parts houses) and as others have already said, does not require removing the windsheild.

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friend of mine has a 66 cowl laying in his garage that he is putting in his vert. soooo i seems they do remove after all, or at least he found a way.

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There really is "No" way to see just how bad your cowl is. Even removing the heater or the drivers vent won't show you anything but the top pan of your cowl. Now you can reach up through the exposed hole and "try" to feel around and see how much debris is around the vent (leaves,pine needles,etc) and even if its wet...odds are if theres debris in there you've got a problem brewing... while you have the vent off take your hand with a flashlite and push around the vent hole and see how much or if theres any give, if your real gutsy you can poke around a little with a screw driver, keep in mind if you poke'll be replacing the cowl.But you'll get an idea how weak it might be.Replacing it or patching is a pain...but, If you happen to have the fenders off and windshield out (restoring) now is the time to do it. you'd hate to have to tear it down after your done and painted

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just finished doing my cowl in 65 car///if your car has never had cowl work there is a 99% chance it needs work/50% it needs major work//as ken said u must do it now repair or 4 me replace/better now than later/there will be later///good luck//gary s.

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