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Very nice sentiment I found on one of the Triumph forums. Just substitute Mustang for Triumph. It really hits home.

Dear Santa,
I`m a very lucky boy, I have a Triumph Motorcycle and a great life so I don`t want any presents this year. Instead, can you please look after all the allied troops serving in Iraq, Afghanistan, East Timor etc etc. and the families that they have left behind. Can you let them know that we are thinking of them on Xmas day, each and every one of them. Can you please also help all the returned soldiers who are struggling to come to terms with what they saw and did. Thankyou too, for bringing my brother`s kid home safely from 6 months in Afghanistan with 3/4th Cavalry. I think it will be a while yet, before his nightmares stop and he has a regular nights sleep but he`s getting there.
Thankyou Santa.
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