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The proper mounting place is on the left side of intake manifold.

As follows

* 289 (block ci)
* C = (Represents the Cleveland, Ohio engine Plant, 65 tags does not have this letter)
* 66 = (model year)
* 9 = Engine change level 9 (66 production year started with 9 and was used to track changes, For example when Ford changed from black engine paint to corporate blue, etc.. Level 9 lasted only about a month, before transitioning into Level 10 in Sept. 65.
* ? D = (there should be a # in front of the letter "D" (this is the date code, the Number is the year, and the letter represents the month. In your case and knowing about how long the Ford use the L9 change level code, I would guess yours should probably be a #5 reading "5 D".
* 245-S = (engine code)

You should get Bob Manuel's book, best money I ever spent! Just got to remember to search it before I make a engine post on the VMF.

Is this engine in a early 66 Ford?

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So what engine codes is 245S?
I agree, I do need to get the Bob mannel book!

its not really an early 66? The door tag says April of 66. The block is dated Feb of 66.....
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