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It's finally here! Every year, the Thanksgiving Holiday is a time to give thanks, and as
you all know, it's also one of the biggest shopping events of the year with Black Friday.
We have a LOT of new and exciting products for this holiday season, so hopefully it's
not too overwhelming. If it is, ask away, we're here to help! *

We're doing 15% all week until Sunday at Midnight using the code BF16. You can also
enjoy Free Shipping on orders over $50 and a Free Microfiber Towel on orders over $100.*

Be sure to watch our all of our new Paint Correction Video Series on the Swirl Killer
15mm Long Throw Polisher, our ceramic Paint Coating Kit, and our reformulated
machine polishes, including the new Heavy Correcting Compound!

CLICK HERE TO SHOP NOW and see the full sale below!

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