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Well, I have decided to take the Mach 1 from stock to a little more performance.

I have:
changed the gears from 3.00 to 3.50 trac loc.
bought the perfomer RPM kit (heads, intake, cam - if it ever arrives and 750 carb)
Comp Cams roller rockers
Canton oil pan and pick up with windage tray
high flow fuel pump
high flow water pump
double roller timing chain
hooker headers
Dr. Gas x-o
changing the auto trans to a toploader (shifter is stock hurst comp)
Hays flywheel
Lakewood bellhousing
centerforce clutch and pressure plate

Otherwise the car is totally unmolested.

Does changing anything that is stock to something aftermarket make the car "restomod". Or does just adding performance parts and warming the engine and drive train make the car some kind of outcast half breed?

I guess you could say I am searching for my cars identity!

Thought and opinions welcome.

Restomod is mor an early car, such as yous, with late model things like fuel injection, 17" to 20" wheels, 5/6 speeds or overdrive autos.

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Gary's definition is by far the easiest, since restomod means many different things to different people....

We had a discussion about this once before, You can read the whole thing here.

I like to split restomod into several categories, like the magazines do:.......

[color:purple]A Guide to Mustang Restomod

Mild Restomod -- Affordable, bolt-on modifications that are easily reversible. Good for the enthusiast on a budget. Subtle and tasteful. Keeps with the original lines of the vehicle.

Shelby Restomod -- Tasteful modifications that employ features common to Shelby Mustangs, including wheels, fiberglass bolt-ons, GT350 or GT500 stripes, taillights, interior appointments, suspension upgrades, quarter-windows, and more.

Street Trans-Am -- The thrill of Trans-Am or NASCAR for the street. We’re talking graphics, wide profile, huge tires that fill the wheelwells, stiff suspension, side exit exhausts, spoilers, and anything else you dare bolt onto your Street Trans-Am.

Road Race -- Like Street Trans-Am, this one brings the racetrack to the street with one exception--it’s high-tech, with electronic fuel injection, suspension trickery not seen on most restomods, big skins, wild and crazy graphics, deep bucket seats, impressive instrumentation, and more.

Day 2 Restomod -- Just groovin’ in the 1960s with this one. Cragar SS mags, Cal Custom air cleaner and valve covers, and crackly glass packs. We’re talking period pieces that relive the 1960s.

Drag Restomod -- Drag Race Restomod is a blast to the past when big tires aft and dinky tires fore made for an impressive profile in those downtown store windows.

Nu-Tech Restomod -- When this one grows up, it wants to be a Max Restomod. Electronic fuel injection, overdrive, larger rubber (16 inches and up), throaty Flowmasters, progressive rate springs, sway bars fore and aft.

Max Restomod -- Throw away the books and forget everything you’ve ever been taught because Max Restomod is a clean sheet of paper. Fit it with a 4.6L DOHC engine, six-speed, Currie 9-inch, four-wheel Baer disc brakes, 18x9-inch wheels, independent rear suspension, 500-amp sound system, and Recaro buckets. Then slap on 25 coats of Electric Red with 10 coats of clear.
</font color=purple>

So, restomod can be many different things - It's all in the eye of the beholder.

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Excellent link, GT350Clone.

I think that this has been thoroughly disscussed by those in the know here. I suppose that I either have an up graded stock mustang or that I have a wannabe restomod!!
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